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Recent content by is9582

  1. is9582

    [fixed] Compressor/Gate Zipper Noise

    https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-firmware-release-version-12-06.159803/. Download this and unzip. Fractal Bot should then allow you to install over the current version. Good luck.
  2. is9582

    [fixed] Compressor/Gate Zipper Noise

    Just tried settings you specified above and can't get any zippering here either. fyi
  3. is9582

    Virtual Rehearsal Software

    Even though it isn't ideal, and it won't have the same "interactions" you get when jamming together live, it might be worth having the drummer lay down his part in Logic, Garage Band, whatever your flavor, and let the others add on, one by one. Then have the compilation shared to each band...
  4. is9582

    Triple Crest 6 scenes

    Thanks for that.
  5. is9582

    Triple Crests. D/L and Demo

    Cheers Burgs!
  6. is9582

    Triple Crest 6 scenes

    Thanks for sharing the preset. Any chance you might divulge which OH cab(s) were your sweet spot with this preset? I could go through all of my OH cabs, but with as many as I own, that would take a minute. Cheers
  7. is9582

    RATT - Lay It Down Preset

    I know us figured-LPs all look alike, but I have white pickup rings, and they have black ones. lol (of course, I'm jk, as I thought it might not hurt to toss a little levity to help the mood.) Cheers, Lee
  8. is9582

    RATT - Lay It Down Preset

    Just tried your preset w a 2003 Ibanez RGT42 and it sounds great! Well done!
  9. is9582

    RATT - Lay It Down Preset

    Another option I use to mute is to engage the built-in tuner (with the system set to mute when the tuner is on). Hope this might help. Look forward to trying your preset. Cheers!
  10. is9582

    New AXE-FX III Owner and Forum Member

    Excellent choice in gear! Lots of good folks involved and associated. Welcome.
  11. is9582

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06

    Thanks for the update Cliff/team! I did notice when turning the Axe3 back on, after loading the update, that I heard something from my speakers, that sounded like a reverb decaying or a weak delay. Prior to this update I’ve not noticed any sound at all. Luckily this was not a super loud sound...
  12. is9582

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06 Public Beta (Beta 3)

    I'm betting Friday as well. A possible hint is AxeEdit 1.05.08 dropping and ready for 12.06. I've been wrong more times than right though, I'm afraid.
  13. is9582

    Gallien Krueger 250RL/ML Tone match Patch

    I remember those amps. Look forward to trying your patch. Cheers, Lee
  14. is9582

    Treble control on at least one Hook amp does nothing?

    Forgot, ... and with the Mid at zero, the volume was significantly lower than usual. Hope this helps define the best handling behind the scenes.
  15. is9582

    Treble control on at least one Hook amp does nothing?

    @Dave Merrill Yeah, there are certainly reasons why those would be an additional advantage, especially so users don't think something is broken when there isn't any change when adjusting the Treble control. I just tried Capt Hook 1B again, to see if the Mid or Bass were also not functional...
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