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Recent content by hyderipper

  1. hyderipper

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 21.00 Public Beta #4 (Beta 4)

    Quite a few betas to go before we get to the final 21.12 release :cool:
  2. hyderipper

    Global EQ

    Maybe I missed it, I don't see it mentioned if you're using a cab block. I run a GT1000 into a couple EVM-12L's with no cab block and just have to cut maybe a little of the mids.
  3. hyderipper

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    I haven’t weighed them, but too much for my old back to lug around. The 4x12 cab I had them in 20 years ago is probably half the back pain I have now 🙄
  4. hyderipper

    Why not much love for the EVM12L?

    I've had a quad of 12L's since the 80's when I bought them. They've been in a few different cabs since then. I built these 2x12 cabs a few years back. I can't really turn them up the way I'd like to anymore, but they still sound killer.
  5. hyderipper

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.02 Public Beta

    Not cleaned up enough. The last hundred posts have absolutely nothing to do with this firmware release.
  6. hyderipper

    Moving backward?

    Just wanted to chime in again on this after working with 19.01 for a while. I’m sticking with it! I ended up changing my main high gain patch to the IIC+ Yellow Shred from the Triaxis yellow model, but it’s sounding pretty damn good right now. Not sure what happened with the Triaxis models, but...
  7. hyderipper

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.01

    Possible bug. Either of the Legend models with the 4x12 Rumble SIC causes loud "rumble" (what a coincidence). Can anyone confirm?
  8. hyderipper

    Using a metal pick made my III sound way better

    Then again, who needs a pick?
  9. hyderipper

    Using a metal pick made my III sound way better

    Plastic bread ties are the best 🤣
  10. hyderipper

    Moving backward?

    Thanks for chiming in Cliff. Maybe I’ll give a another go soon mess with that excursion. I have no complaints. I just think maybe this newer modeling lends itself more to that Tweed style sound and not so much to the higher gain models. Thanks for your constant dedication to accuracy. I’m still...
  11. hyderipper

    Moving backward?

    Well I’m still preferring 15.01. I don’t know what it is, it’s just this “stuck to the speaker” thing I feel/hear inherent in any of the models. I went through quite a few (mostly high gainers) with just amp/cab setups and just am block to a real cab. But as I said before, even 15.01 sounds...
  12. hyderipper

    Moving backward?

    And just in time for 19 with a completely rewritten power amp algo 😵‍💫 Though it seems the odd number firmwares are usually my favorites for some reason. Might give the beta a go tonight or tomorrow.
  13. hyderipper

    Moving backward?

    Hence my hesitation to voice my opinion also :grimacing:
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