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Recent content by hussamd

  1. hussamd

    Cat Poll

    Saving energy for the hunt. Bastards...
  2. hussamd

    What fresh Windows hell am I in for?

    I clone my SSD as a backup. I can swap the disks with no issues so the W10 license is not tied to the disk. You should be OK. If not, contact Microsoft. They were very helpful on other occasions where I needed to move licenses from one PC to another.
  3. hussamd

    Other People's Presets

    I downloaded Mark Day's latest preset last week and had to make some adjustments to the bass and EQ before it was usable on my setup. To my ears the Bass is always too high on most downloaded presets. What I get from these presets is interesting ways of using the effects. They are a starting...
  4. hussamd

    Isolated guitar track

    Check the blog archive part on the right side of the list. Links to download them in groups are there.
  5. hussamd

    Quick Tone Matching Tutorial

    Nice! Thanks.
  6. hussamd

    Tech is great, but let's still use our smarts

    So true. Smart phones and technology in general is dulling the mind. Use it or lose it...
  7. hussamd

    Video - FC-12 - Quick Look | Default Layouts | EZ Switch Editing

    Professional quality and easy to understand and follow. Thank you very much! Well done!
  8. hussamd

    FC 6/12 choice: regrets?

    I was surprised how big the FC12 was. Pictures did not do it justice. For $200 more to double the buttons was a no brainer for me.
  9. hussamd

    Sold my Axe III .... bought an AX8

    I had the same thought when I saw the cost of the FC-12. I got over it though :)
  10. hussamd

    No USB Audio After Upgrading to FW 2.4

    The latest update reset the USB level to a negative number. Got to the I/O page, USB tab and increase it to 0 or +4 or whatever suits you.
  11. hussamd

    FW 2.03 - New Features (Vid)

    Love the clear instructions - very helpful. Thank you.
  12. hussamd

    Guitar Pickups Don't Matter?!

    The dunkans are clearer and less fuzzy. To me they sound better.
  13. hussamd

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    BKP Nailbombs is my fav by far. I also have Juggernauts in my other vader.
  14. hussamd

    New Additions to the Family

    By the size of his paws he will be a biggen.
  15. hussamd

    "Pull Me Under" - Petrucci Rig Preset

    Awesome man! Your fingers look like an alien crawling on the fretboard at 3:15 :) Rock on!
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