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Recent content by hussamd

  1. hussamd

    Windows 10 Automatic Updates are Baffling and Infuriating

    I start my day with checking for updates so I do not get interrupted later. Experienced users can set a policy to stop the updates like what is implemented on corporate PCs. It is annoying.
  2. hussamd

    Nearby radio station comes in through guitar cable port

    My extra noise stopped when I switched to wireless. Try plugging in a different outlet.
  3. hussamd

    My wife passed away today

    Sincere condolences.
  4. hussamd

    Snarky TGP Nonsense

    This is the only forum I have been following for years. Kudos for keeping the atmosphere of collaboration. I have learned so much from the experts here who are always happy to share.
  5. hussamd

    Need help badly to connect the ISP Decimator in the FX Loop

    I have been using the Axe-FX III with 2 CLR active monitors and have never been happier. I have not even scratched the surface of all the capabilities that constantly getting improved - the last one is a redesigned pitch block that allows me to down-tune to C and B with amazing results.
  6. hussamd

    Jim the Pigeon

    Did you check for a message on his leg? Could be from your future self :) I have a robin following me in the garden wanting me to throw a blueberry to him. Bastard!
  7. hussamd

    F*&@#$^% Microsoft

    My wife had the same issue with Outlook kept crashing 2 seconds later. it started working fine after 20 min of hearing words I had to look up in the dictionary :) Mine was fine but I ran the update first thing in the day so I do not get surprised with programs crashing. They did push an...
  8. hussamd

    Ugh, One of Those Days. Now My UPS is Fried.

    UPS got the 'Rona?
  9. hussamd

    Where Has Integrity Gone?

    I dumped them way back and had to go through the same thing.
  10. hussamd

    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    They are worth the wait as you get a work of art to your specifications. I have had several over the years and have no desire to get any other brand. Vaders are my favs.
  11. hussamd

    Cliff's Reviews: Ad Astra

    Thanks for ruining a movie I was not planning on seeing lol
  12. hussamd

    Why isn't the metric system the only system taught?

    Hard to buy a meter long sub :rolleyes:
  13. hussamd

    NGD It Suhr is a nice one

    Very nice!
  14. hussamd

    External SSD

    I have 2 SSDs in a raid 0 setup for an external backup disk and I have seen 700+M/s throughput on some files. For single SSD cloning I get 230+M/s.
  15. hussamd

    External SSD

    SSDs are great for speed and quietness. I have been using them in several laptops and for external backups. Samsung EVO is the fastest among the ones I have had. One drawback is if something happens to the disk you lose all of it. With mechanical disks you may have bad sectors but still be...
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