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  • Not at all, glad to help. I'm definitely still using them - I use one for a monitor and 2 others for the mains in our PA system. I think they are fantastic overall. I played the Axe direct through a few other speakers and was not happy until I tried the JBLs. I didn't however try the QSC or the FBT which others seem to like with the Axe. I find the JBLs to be pretty well balanced. I'm able to get enough bass (for guitar usage) and the high end seems pretty smooth to me. Some have had trouble with the built-in noise gate, but I've not found it to be a problem at medium-to-high volumes if you gain-stage it appropriately.

    Hey Hugh
    As soon as I get my wedge monitors from the room I'll have a test with the beyma and other speaker. (I think they are Eminence Alpa's or Betas). I know they do a couple which roll of at 5k maybe one at 8k so certainly that would handle the main portion of guitar freqs and let the Beymas join in with that and handle anything higher like sparkles fx etc.
    I experimented with opening the back of the mini 4x12 up and have got to say it helped open the sound a little more. Definitely a bit less boomy on certain patches. Went with a partial 3/4 closed with the last 1/4 hinged so I can revert back to the original if I need.
    Tried the foam do-nuts but for full range speakers didn't really offer a marked difference. Will keep trying. Maybe beam blockers will work better with that central whizzer cone on the Beymas.
    Anyway, have a good weekend
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