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Recent content by Hubi

  1. Hubi

    FM3 can replace the FX8?

    Not 100%. I use a FX8 with strymon Iridium. The FX8 has more switches and two relais to switch amp channels. The effects/Drives are better than the FX8 - last FW from 2017, no Ares.
  2. Hubi

    Santana's EUROPA with the 1959SLP Jump

    fantastic tone, Toni - thats your amp - the 1959 SLP, espessially the clean with the Leslie-sound.
  3. Hubi

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    cool that you find the solution. I was shure that the Axe with Ares 2.0 Firmware is not the problem - this is almost plug and play with the right cab. Would be interesting what Cliff says to this - if there is sound difference with high output PU/ low input gain in the axe and normal output PU´s.
  4. Hubi

    Is something wrong with my Axe-Fx II or me?

    It depends to which sound you compare your Axe Sound. If you are used to hear a guitar speaker/original cab - everything will sound to direct, less dynamic and thin with the axe at the beginning. So you have to realize that you hear an amp through a miced speaker. Don´t use the factory presets...
  5. Hubi

    AXE FXIII Live - Symphonic Rock Night

    wow - great musicians and singers and what a beautiful guitar tone! Also - doubling the rhythmguitar at Marillion - unexpected!
  6. Hubi

    Fractal Audio FM3 vs AX8 | Raw Amp Comparison

    Thanks for this comparison. It would be bad for Cliff´s hard work and steady improvement, if the FM3 would not sound better...and the AX8 ist still on FW Q 10 - not Ares. so this is more a firmware comparison? I also think, these old factory cabs are not the best IR´s to show how good the AX8...
  7. Hubi

    Foo Fighters - The Pretender (80s Synth Rock Cover)

    Very cool idea. But - it sounds very mono - didn´t you double the rhythmguitars with panning hard left/right?
  8. Hubi

    Fremen's 1970 Plexi Preset with Stormy Monday Impro

    Scheiße, Scheiße, Toni....alles Gute, ich hoffe dasregelt sich wieder - das es ja kein schleichender Gehörverlust offensichtlich ist. Da sind verdammt viel Höhen auf Deinem Sound, ungewöhnlich eher mit soviel Präsenz. Kann aber Folge der Höreinschränkung und des leisen Abhörens sein. Shit...
  9. Hubi

    Mix Feedback - OCD Help

    Hi, not my kind of music, but the second track just sounds as you had turned down treble/presence on your amp. Very accurate playing but it sounds dull. the volume of guitars in track Revenge are loude than in the second.
  10. Hubi

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Haven´t yet post anything on AxeChange - but I will try!
  11. Hubi

    Bryan Adams - Run To You Preset!

    Hi, here´s my try for the Bryan Adams/Keith Scott Sound, I played it with Strat/Split Humbucker, FW Q 10.01. Voxamps through Greenbacks 4x12 from Ownhammer GNR. The Presets are on the german AxeFx - Homepage: https://www.axefx.de/threads/fw-10-01-bryan-adams-sound-run-to-you.82536/
  12. Hubi

    Getting into the Axe-Fx - selecting between the II versions

    Choose the Axe II Mk2 Version for homerecording - it´s got USB, you need no midi and can use it as a interface - straight into your DAW. The AX8 hasn´t got the Ares Update, so the Axe-Versions sound better than the Ax8.
  13. Hubi

    IRs York Audio presents the MTCH 212 in .Wav format based on Matchless!

    Finally....an IR Producer did both speakers of a Matchlessamp. I think many "Breakup" Players have been waiting for this so long. I always tried to do this with different speakers in a StereoIR, but it never worked. So I played the Matchless through Vox-IR´s, which is also cool. You´re really...
  14. Hubi

    Telecaster Dirt FW Ares 2.0 with Vox AC 30 TB - Valhallir.at V2 TBAC65

    Thanks a lot! I used this Cabir Vox pack for years, the Valhall IR´s are a other kind of shooting and have more "rock" sounding to me.
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