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Recent content by Hubertus

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    FX Loop

    Put the FXL in the 2nd row to connect the out of the block to the signal chain.
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    AXE-Edit/ SOLO 100 question

    Preamp NORMAL + Master Normal = Input Gain + Master Volume of the Solo Clean and Solo Rhythm model. Preamp + Master OVERDRIVE = Input Gain + Master Volume of the Solo Lead model
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    Price difference between FC US/EU compared to MFC-101

    The FX Rate USD/EUR has changed about 15-20% in this time, which means that US products are now that more expensive in the Eurozone.
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    A couple of very basic questions regarding IRs.....

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    Using Axe-Fx III with a real amp

    Guitar in1 , out3 -> real amp + xload -> in3
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    access to scenes and presets

    Download the manual here: https://www.fractalaudio.com/fx8-downloads/
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    Wipe Factory Cabs?

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    Start New Preset from a Scene?

    By design there is no preset with only 1 scene.
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    Start New Preset from a Scene?

    Just save it as a new preset.
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    Cab Block Cabs List

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    No Signal In Logic

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    Question for Experienced Luthier...or Cliff

    I had this happen with a PRS CE many years ago. I set a capo at the fret, installed my e-bow and let it the note play till the battery was gone. Fixed it to 90%
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    Easiest way to compare 2 presets?

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