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Recent content by honeypat

  1. honeypat

    FM3 with Kemper Kabinet??

    If someone stands on a limited budget, then followings are an option for stereo application. Actually I have tried Kemper cone through Matrix NL112 cabinet and it sounds really good with my FM3 as well as Axe-Fx3. https://www.thomann.de/intl/kr/harley_benton_gpa_100.htm...
  2. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Just looped to FM3 with StompMix4, Stereo L and R from FM3 Out2 -> MicroPitch -> GFI Tempus and another Stereo from StageBro 2000 for Guitar Backing Track MP3 files( 16Gb ).... 8 Scenes and preset UP/DOWN controlled by MIDI Commander...So FM3's CPU has much rooms...
  3. honeypat

    Ozzy's "No More Tears" Live

    What a great performance.. Stellar sounds FM3 and awesome guitar play too!
  4. honeypat

    Vendor Fremen Presets masterthread (releases, updates etc.)

    The Pink Floyd pack for Axe-Fx III is applicable to FM3 with some tweaks including using a loop dedicated for reverb fx so as to reduce cpu limits?... In addition, please tell us prospective next sales date.
  5. honeypat

    FM3, JP2c and L3

    Awesome tunes.. emotionally touching !
  6. honeypat

    Why Don't People Talk More About the FAS Amps?

    Agreed.. BTW a pull-down paper on the wall back to you reads Chinese characters, saying.." If you do your best sincerely, then gold stone will open" Maybe it means a stone will be changed in to gold should you push yourself to the limit. I'm wonder who wrote that old saying, Chinese, Korean or...
  7. honeypat

    Just some goofing off with the FM3

    Awesome tone and vibe...pls share your preset..thanks!
  8. honeypat

    JTM 45 custom preset - Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression

    Awesome tone... share your preset please!
  9. honeypat

    I've been quiet... as I'm about to release my debut album. FREE PRESETS FROM THE ALBUM!!

    Hi Sukh, do you plan to devise a cover protector for Quad Cortex in near future?...I'm awaiting.
  10. honeypat

    Other hobbies!

    Me too diving... This is in Philippines Borneo
  11. honeypat

    FM3-Edit 1.03.03

    Great and thanks~!
  12. honeypat

    Two-minute BE100 melodic shred

    Awesome sound and tunes... Is this single coil?
  13. honeypat

    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    Thank you very much Burgs!...Fantastic and great tunes...Actually I've tried to get the tones for years in my old days with Kemper, Helix,GT-1000,POD and etc. even with all those paid presets, but in vain. Now finally get the tones... duly appreciate awesome vibes and thank you for your kindness...
  14. honeypat

    Hideaway with the Super Reverb

    Awesome and nice tunes...would you please post hand script scores as seen in the video and preset?
  15. honeypat

    Burg's HIPOWER FW:16 - video demo and download

    Awesome sound and great tunes... Singlecoil strat sounds really good.. Still awaiting your promise to upload SRV and Jimi Hendrix's tones.
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