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Recent content by honeypat

  1. honeypat

    Fractal FM3: Eric Johnson Clean & Lead Tones

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Where to download preset?...Kindly edit your above post to attach it,thanks and awesome man.
  2. honeypat

    Let's see those FM3 rigs!

    Which transmitter that attached to OUT1? Is that for in-ear only?...simple is best,awesome!
  3. honeypat

    A/B box recommendations?

    No noise and reliable switch failure...You can't go wrong.
  4. honeypat

    Anyone using the Morningstar MC-6 with the FM3?

    I'm using now. MC-6 takes little real estate on pedalboard compared to my FC-6. You can do evrything. Three buttons on FM3 serve amp control,saturation,etc.. since I have bought Live Gold pack... It does well with GT-1000core,too.
  5. honeypat

    Electric sitar + AxeFX = Hispano-Indo-Flamenco Jazz !

    Great and awesome ... Remind me of Roland GR-55 patches, but more organic and warm tunes.
  6. honeypat

    Some solos with the Axe-Fx III, live

    Awesome and sound great playing.... Any plan some more significant SALES on your AX3 Bundles for those on limited budgets who suffer from COVID Lockdown over the world outside Mauritius?
  7. honeypat

    Cover of Andy Timmons' version of Across the Universe - Preset included

    Awesome and great..Guthrie Govan signature guitar you are playing, same as mine!
  8. honeypat

    Any IR recomendatios suite for my use?

    Hi FM3 users, would you kind enough to please recomand IRs for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitars, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat player ( acoustic drum stomp). These are fed to a mixer and then go to PA and/or frfr powered cab. Need some IRs...
  9. honeypat

    Vendor [Moke's Custom Presets] FM3 Master Thread - Firmware 1.06

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Moke, would you please recomand an IR for my particular use for both acoustic (steel and nylon) guitar, a diatonic ten hole blues harmonica and cajon auto beat...
  10. honeypat

    Power Amp Advice, Please? (And Sorry!)

    I'm using both GT1000Fx and SD 170. If you want a stereo SS amp small enough into gigbag and loud enough for a loud metal band, to go to random jams with, then Harley Benton Thunder 99 is right there. Really cheap but powerful to drive two 212's. No regrets!
  11. honeypat

    Klon Centaur

    Also I have JHS Soul Food.. it sounds par with Silver Klon..almost same sound to my ears.
  12. honeypat

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.04

    [Problem] ....updated 14.03 -> 14.04, but my FC6 holted and displaying nothing but " .... " on the respective mini display as well as " FC-6 1.11 " on main window...help me!!
  13. honeypat

    Pedal Amplifier

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Run the Thunder99 with 212 cabs in a pay-rehersal room for my FM3 as well as Axe-Fx3. My friedman ASC10 and/or Aspen's CPS frfr are wieigh too much for my age when...
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