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  • one other question...are you using the JH3A with your jh16's? if so...does it make a big difference. im debating whether or not to get that as well but im not really sure what the benefit is.
    thats awesome...thanks for responding. i just ordered my 16's this past weekend. perfect timing..they had the thanksgiving sale going on.
    i have my in ears running through my allen and heath board so at least i can adjust the eq on my own and add a little reverb. the only thing im really needing right now is a good compressor i think.
    when you say master reverb, do you mean have a little over all reverb on the full mix. up until now ive only really added reverb to vocals and a bit of the drums.
    Sorry to bother you, but i saw you post about the headphones youre using with axe II and i was wondering if i could pick your brain a bit. im running a similar setup, Axe II to foh. i use the sennheiser stereo in ear system when playing live. what im really interested in is how the jh16's sound with this setup. im currently using lower end triple driver custom molds, to my ears they make my tone pretty horrible in my ears.. i was looking to upgrade to either the jh11's or jh16's.
    you mentioned that the tone through the jh16's sounded dry. was that just going direct to the axe?
    there really is no way for me to test the jh monitors before buying them, and id hate to spend over $1100 for them and have them not be that big of an improvement. right now i love the flexibility of the in ear system, but im so disappointed with how the rig sounds in my ears.
    do you recommend the jh audio in ears?
    id appreciate any advice you can give me
    Anthony Colando
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