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Recent content by Habuman

  1. Habuman

    Thankful for FAS & the forum

    Absolutely 100% concur. And don't forget about the phenomenal customer service.
  2. Habuman

    FM3 is off but Input and Status LEDs are on

    Never seen this or had it happen before. The FM3 is not powered on. The USB cable is plugged in. Why are the input and status LEDs still lit?
  3. Habuman

    Izotope plugins worth it?

    Not sure what the full versions offer but this $49 offer is loaded.
  4. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Yes sir. It would fit with a little to spare.
  5. Habuman

    Izotope plugins worth it?

    Wow, $49 sale for a product that shows was $1211.
  6. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    OK, it is not with a micrometer but from bottom to top (inside), I measure roughly 22 inches.
  7. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    With that reasoning a pedalboard case is not needed either. Just throw everything in a single compartment bag. If I'm touring, not sure everything (cables, strings, mics, etc) is going to fit in a pedalboard case. This bag has extra room. One bag or a couple more... Hell, even at the local...
  8. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    On the large inside compartment there is a zipper at the bottom to expand. You will need to remove the bottom cable dividers. But I think a FM3 and FC6 can fit.
  9. Habuman

    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Bought this from Sweetwater. Perfect for the FM3 and a ME expression pedal. There are many compartments for cables, strings, iPad, and more. Very sturdy. More than enough protection for the FM3...
  10. Habuman

    Anyone have a Lukather preset like this?

    There are six (6) on the Forum AxeChange. Might be a good place to start. You might find the tone you are looking fro. https://axechange.fractalaudio.com/search-results.php?search=lukather&fields=all&products=7&setups=0
  11. Habuman

    No AX8 Sound Output

    What were you running the sound through?
  12. Habuman

    Boss GT-1000CORE

    I like to spin the backing track knob and whatever it lands on is what I have to jam over.
  13. Habuman

    Boss GT-1000CORE

    The only Boss product I still have after years of gear swapping is the Boss eBand JS-10.
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