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Recent content by Gwillis

  1. Gwillis

    How to optimize the CPU%

    Thanks Marco , amazing lesson
  2. Gwillis

    my new song "A Big Hug" dedicated to my son - Dizzy VH4 amp

    as always Marco , great tone and à Nice melody
  3. Gwillis

    Iron Maiden - "The Number of the Beast"

    JMP1 rock the 80´s
  4. Gwillis

    FM3 Firmware Version 3.03 beta 1

    Thanks Mr Cliff
  5. Gwillis

    “Mr. Crowley” Outro Solo Live

    Do you used a FC6 live with youre FM3?
  6. Gwillis

    NE Iowa COVID Jam Band #6 - Styx - “Fooling Yourself” - Bonus Keyboardist Tutorial added!

    awesome video and guys you really sounded great, not easy one
  7. Gwillis

    Dream Theater 'The Big Medley' - Pink Floyd, Kansas, Queen, Journey, Dixie Dregs, Genesis

    wow lots of work here for this medley, great playing and great tone keep on rocking
  8. Gwillis

    More AXE Goodness.

    sounds great guys and nice video
  9. Gwillis

    AC/DC "Rock n roll ain’t noise pollution" solo

    awesome tone :guitar:
  10. Gwillis

    Toto's "Goodbye Elenore" full band cover

    great cover guys , Canadian rock's
  11. Gwillis

    Tune for a furry friend

    nice hommage Leon
  12. Gwillis

    Pink Floyd's "Marooned" -- Guitar and Bass Cover

    great tone and playing and its always nice a smooth Gilmour solo
  13. Gwillis

    FM 3 Recording

    smooth tone ...great
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