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Recent content by groovenut

  1. groovenut

    FS RAC12 For Sale

    This is still available. Just lost track of keeping it updated with the end of the year.
  2. groovenut

    FS RAC12 For Sale

    great condition, original owner, just sold my last AxeFxII XL+ and need to let this find a new home comes with right angle short midi cable for connection to the AxeFx and a right angle USB $200 shipped Con US contact for shipping rates outside the US
  3. groovenut

    Remote Music Teaching tools for those in Lockdown due to COVID-19

    Does Zoom support full duplex audio?
  4. groovenut

    PRS-style speed knobs with a set screw?

    What about teflon tape around the pot splines? or maybe https://lovemyswitches.com/potentiometer-adapter-sleeve-6-0mm-to-6-35mm-shaft-adapter/ dont know if this will help but thought I'd throw it out there
  5. groovenut

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.03

    I just noticed a possible bug/feature. I know that with FW6 the front panel tuner access switched from the B button press to the A button press, however I still have to press the B button to exit the tuner. Press A to enter but B to exit. Can anyone else confirm please? Thanks for all the great...
  6. groovenut

    Big Wreck's Locomotive: AC/DC meets RATM meets Audioslave meets Zep?

    If you guys like older Big Wreck you might also like Brother Cane. Similar vibe from the early 90s.
  7. groovenut

    Best way to crossfade one grid row to another?

    So basically, you would like log taper on one and anti-log taper on the other. So that the curve slopes are gentle at the ends and sharp in the middle yes?
  8. groovenut

    Ooooh... Charts and Graphs

    What causes the bump at 180Hz just out of curiosity?
  9. groovenut

    LPD Tone Clone Preset for Rush Red Barchetta

    Necro thread. Dont know what happened to the preset in the thread but it was lost in a hard drive crash years ago.
  10. groovenut

    Hardware IR Loader

    Keep in mind if you are running Ultra Res IRs in the Axefx you wont be able to "match" the performance with any other IR loader as Ultra Res is proprietary processing done by the AxeFx and is a separate feature from the length and sample rate of the IR
  11. groovenut

    Rear Input Quieter than the Front Input?

    Received the new front input board yesterday and installed today. Seems to have fixed the issue. Noise floor is much lower on the front input now. Back to making music :)
  12. groovenut

    Rear Input Quieter than the Front Input?

    Ok test results, the instrument input board tested good for ground continuity installed in the axefx (I used a 1/4" male plug to test as in the video). Ground continuity tests good on the input board uninstalled in the axefx but still connected via the input jack cable. The input jack cable...
  13. groovenut

    Rear Input Quieter than the Front Input?

    Thanks for the reply Cliff. Would that be between the chassis and the input board or the input board and main board? I'll check all of it when I have it apart today, but maybe narrowing it down might help.
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