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Recent content by gpz

  1. gpz

    block files and device id - SOLVED

    Tried to load Axe Fx II blocks ?
  2. gpz

    SRV 12.00 beta

    Thanks !
  3. gpz

    Fractal-Bot 3.00.00

    Wow killer features ! Thanks
  4. gpz

    FCs in Europe?

    Coming Monday too. The UPS delivery has been delayed. FC-12 won't arrive tomorrow Friday. The weekend is gonna be sooo long ;)
  5. gpz

    FCs in Europe?

    FC-12 to be delivered Friday
  6. gpz

    Bogner Blue Improvisation

    +1 for the patch :) Excellent playing and sound. Truly awesome indeed! What is the Bonamassa song (backing track) ?
  7. gpz

    Pink Floyd "Sorrow" intro guitar riff

    Nice one. thanks. What did you use on the first post to make it sound more modernized?
  8. gpz

    New IIIs on their way to Europe...

    5th Feb here and no email yet. We're getting close though :)
  9. gpz

    Axe-Fx III available now with no wait!

    Please feed the europeans! :rolleyes:
  10. gpz

    The Definition parameter....

    Would you share a recording for those who are still waiting for their III ? Thx.
  11. gpz

    Axe FX III Scenes & Channels Demo

    or even for an entire life ;)
  12. gpz

    Fender Demo

    The song that got me into guitar :)
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