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Recent content by gpz

  1. gpz

    Who made you start playing guitar?

    Mark Knopfler and a friend
  2. gpz

    Fw 19.02 - Full PINK FLOYD show

    Awesome !
  3. gpz

    My blocks and presets

    Thanks Sir !
  4. gpz

    Vai - the Hydra

    The perfect guitar for home studio :grin:
  5. gpz

    DIRE STRAITS -You&Your Friend- Mark Knopfler Tone

    One of my favorite songs
  6. gpz

    AXE-FX IV - WISH List

    Pickup modeling Polyphonic synth with midi out capabilities
  7. gpz

    Duran Duran - Ordinary World Solo Cover

    Lovely. Thanks ! (The song is from 1993)
  8. gpz

    The 'Complete' Musician.

    Rory Gallagher
  9. gpz

    Shadows Presets Cygnus 2021

    Thanks Sir !
  10. gpz

    Free presets

    Excellent presets and very inspiring videos. Thank you !
  11. gpz

    Free Acoustic IRs

    Thanks !
  12. gpz

    Brian Setzer style Rockabily sound with the Axe FX 3 + PRESET INSIDE

    I am one of your biggest fans :D:cool:
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