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  1. GM Arts

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 3

    Pitch changes sound and feel amazing now! I just found a display bug, from the VC edit screen, sent MIDI messages to change scene, various block bypasses and preset/scene name requests and the screen is overwriting. Here's a pic:
  2. GM Arts

    Axe-Fx 2 user wants to know what you prefer about the Axe-Fx 3

    Besides the awesome tones, some of the big hitters for me are: 4 channel blocks with scenes means I can use scene switching in just one patch for an entire gig Single channel modifiers means no need to duplicate blocks for use with and without modifiers Input and output blocks make multiple...
  3. GM Arts

    Windows 10 Goes Back To The Future

    I'm easily amused ... I downloaded a file at midnight, and Windows Explorer shows I downloaded it ... tomorrow :-)
  4. GM Arts

    GM Arts Firmware v5.02 for BJ Devices MFCs

    Hi Remon, For your Patch Up/Down issue, you have Page 1 set to change the bank to Bank A, so when you select page 1 in step 4, it also sets Bank A. You can set this back to "No Change" on the Layout tab. For the Bank Up issue, you are using a Bank +1 Toggle (switching between Banks A and B)...
  5. GM Arts

    GM Arts Firmware v5.02 for BJ Devices MFCs

    Version 5.03 is now available at the usual place ... http://www.gmarts.org/tb2/index.php
  6. GM Arts

    GM Arts Firmware v5.02 for BJ Devices MFCs

    Thanks, Remon With staying at home trying to avoid the virus, I've been busy and version 5.03 is already being testing, hopefully out soon :) cheers!
  7. GM Arts

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.06 Public Beta (Beta 3)

    I visualise it is a table, where views go across and layouts go down. For FM3 owners, it looks like this: Layout 1, View 1, Fsw 1,2,3 Layout 1, View 2, Fsw 4,5,6 Layout 1, View 3, Fsw 7,8,9 Layout 1, View 4, Fsw 10,11,12 Layout 2, View 1, Fsw 1,2,3 Layout 2, View 2, Fsw 4,5,6 Layout 2...
  8. GM Arts

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.04

    12.04 Updated the default value of P.A. Cathode Bias Resistor for some models. Existing presets are NOT changed. The new default values are listed here if you want to apply them to your presets: AC-20 DLX: 61% Boutique 1,2: 48% Blankenship Leeds: 58% Car Roamer: 56% Class-A 15W TB: 56%...
  9. GM Arts

    GM Arts Firmware v5.02 for BJ Devices MFCs

    Latest version is available here: http://www.gmarts.org/tb2/ The main changes in version 5.02 are For owners who don't have one of the new Mark II models, you can export small to medium sized settings to the original MFC models LEDs show status of both main and hold footswitch functions -...
  10. GM Arts

    Message for Cliff

    Geez ... I built them myself back in the '70s - I used a BC109.
  11. GM Arts

    FC 6/12 Alternatives for your FM3

    BJ Devices make a range of small to medium sized controllers for a good price. And my firmware will give you many powerful and flexible switching options. http://www.gmarts.org/tb2/index.php
  12. GM Arts

    What's the most unique pedal you own/use?

    EHX C9 for me :)
  13. GM Arts

    Question about Parametric EQ "Q" value

    Maybe this is clearer, (an octave is represented by "c" here)
  14. GM Arts

    Question about Parametric EQ "Q" value

    Here are the conversion formulas (you can paste these into a spreadsheet such as Excel): Q = SQRT(2 ^ oct) / ((2 ^ oct) - 1) oct = LOG(1 + (1 + SQRT(1 + (4 * (q ^ 2)))) / (2 * (q ^ 2)), 2)
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