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Recent content by Glennski

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    NPD - DiMarzio Titan 7 (Jake Bowen) | Cab Pack 13 (Bulb)

    Nice 2027x. The finish on those are to die for!
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Thanks man, I have another track that's 90% done so I'll put it to use for that! Hopefully I will be done in the next couple of weeks.
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    I'm sure it will! Thanks heaps! Off to buy cab pack 14 :) And I'll give the 6505 a go since I used to own one, was using modern II because the idea of a 'made up' amp sounded cool. Don't own pod farm but I'll have a go at reamping through the axefx. Standard practice seems to be multing the...
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    tfw I'm not there... Well if I can pick your brain for 2 minutes in order to hopefully save myself some time.... Any recommendations for a good IR or 2 to get me in the ballpark of these mixes, or a cab pack I should purchase (I have none)? In the Trillian example I was trying to emulate a...
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Lol, not rude at all infact I chuckled heartily. But I'll have to say that I think you're exaggerating just slightly. The palm mutes provide the only musical bass frequencies on that album, I'm pretty sure mine isn't that bad! Here's an excerpt without bass for contrast: Also I need to...
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Thanks for that! I'll give it a go - my monitoring situation is a bit crap atm so it's hard to hear. I do heaps of cutting around the low mids as I've always had trouble keeping it under control but I've gone too far this time!
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    Original Metal/Metalcore track - Modern II

    Modern II amp using 'Clark Kent's Perfect IR', across probably the last 6 major firmware revisions haha, I've been working on and off for the last year due to time constraints! Feedback will be appreciated! Drums are SSD4 Terry Date, Bass is Trillian and guitar is my Ibanez RG1527 Cheers...
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    Modern death metal guitar test: High gain essentials Ultrares

    Can't wait to hear the finished version!
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    Strange reamping latency issue

    Whoops, I'd better brush up on my reading skills :? If you can afford a separate interface though your setup becomes much more flexible and it should solve your problem (hopefully!)
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    Strange reamping latency issue

    If your daw is playing nicely with your audio interface then you shouldn't be experiencing this behaviour. The ASIO drivers will report a latency for each buffer size but in my experience some software handles it wrong ex. in cakewalk sonar pre version 8.5 my layla 3g would have negative latency...
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    Is there such a thing as "Reverse Fletcher Munson"??

    The 'loudness' switch/button that you find on most hifi stereos came about to compensate for lack of apparent bass and treble at lower volumes. Reverse Fletcher Munson probably isn't the correct way to put it - it's still regular Fletcher Munson, just that most people encounter problems when...
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    This is exactly it - 'awesome pro guitar recording's have been mixed professionally to sit within the context of a whole mix. When you create a basic axe preset with amp and cab all you're effectively doing is throwing a mic in front of a cab in various ways depending on the IR. Whether a pro...
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    A.C.T. - Mistral

    There's still some shredding! Great work, the mix sounds awesome.
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    Original metal tune with vocals

    You should definitely check out their album 'Natural Born Chaos' ! It's their 'Clayman' or black album in their discography.
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