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Recent content by Gilly

  1. Gilly

    Looper in the Axe FXIII

    You can always turn to drooling over Ed Sheeran's looping setup 'Chewie Monsta' (version 2 pictured) while you are at it. Custom built floor unit running Mobius hosted by Ableton. I think I read somewhere it has 8 separate I/O so each can be EQ'd at the desk.
  2. Gilly

    Bass Tones dissapearing in a live mix

    I hear ya man. I was having the exact same issues earlier this year after buying a matrix gt1000fx (so not even the 1600). Long story short, I heard drastic improvements when I started A/Bing different Pre amps. First tried a Tone Hammer and MXR bass DI (pedals) straight into the Matrix to...
  3. Gilly

    Very Frustrated With AXE FX II XL+

    Stop tweaking, its not you its the nature of the AxeFx2. As said already, power amp and Cab is the solution you are looking for. Good news for you is that you don't need to buy any more gear. Set your Axe output to 9 o'clock, plug the Matrix into your Marshall cab, bring up a new preset with...
  4. Gilly

    Tired of this bass flubbyness...

    With me just listening to your recording and not reading any other info, it just sounds to me like the output signal is too hot. Not sure how you are monitoring/recording this but that's my take. Where is your output 1 set at?
  5. Gilly

    Midi footswitch recommendation for Axe-Fx II?

    Its maybe a little bigger than you wan but the the KM Softstep 2 is my suggestion. You will need an accessory to allow it to connect via MIDI cable but its very portable. I keep mine above the Axe in a 2u rack when transporting! Pic of Softstep 1 and MFC just to show dimensions...
  6. Gilly

    Can't get a decent sound with Axe FX II, Matrix and 1x12 EVM12L....

    Having just gone through the similar pains when I got my Gt1000fx the past 2 months I totally understand some of the criticism. I was initially somewhat disappointed. The thing that made a night and day difference was using a High Cut and low Cut, either in the amp block or via a PEQ block...
  7. Gilly

    Setup suggestions for live gigs with Axe fx II :)

    Generally a guitar 'amp head' refers to a pre-amp and a power amp together. Which sounds like what you are saying you currently use (solid state amp)? In this case the Axe-fx is the pre-amp, so if you want to then use a traditional passive guitar cabinet (unpowered) then you will need to...
  8. Gilly

    Removing rack ears

    Thanks for all the help on this, was worth me asking! I have some fly gigs coming up and I found a carry-on case that will fit the unit at like a 30 degree angle. Without the Rack ears it will make the fit much easier. Interesting to hear that the handles can be removed as well, I may avoid...
  9. Gilly

    Removing rack ears

    This may be just me overthinking, but is it ok to remove the rack ears on the AxeFx? I was a bit hesitant as it looked like it may be connected to something else on the inside. Any info would be appreciated!
  10. Gilly

    Wired in ear monitoring, anyone?

    I use the wired Posse Audio system. Has built in Ambient mics. Lots of I/O's.
  11. Gilly

    Wish VU Meters in AXE-EDIT

    Yes please!
  12. Gilly

    Axefx XL cant find modeling version

    Ok thanks, that would explain why I couldn't find it! cheers.
  13. Gilly

    Axefx XL cant find modeling version

    Hoping this isn't something simple, but at the same time I hope this is simple fix! I have an Axefx XL and cant see the modelling version in the global config menu? Has it been moved? Any help, really appreciated!
  14. Gilly

    Importing wav IR's into AFX2?

    You can use Cab-Lab 3 if you have it, or download Cab-Lab 3 lite. http://www.fractalaudio.com/p-cab-lab-ir-mixer.php
  15. Gilly

    Matrix GT1000FX for bass?

    Hi Selta, thanks for the help on this. Just out of interest how do you generally run your gear, FRFR or Power amp to cab? Good suggestion, I might try a factory reset in a day or two as you have suggested if things don't change.
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