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Recent content by gibsonash

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    Recommend an HSS strat

    Strat of your choice with Dimarzio Injectors set (250k pots)
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    Gary Moore Solo/Improv fingerstyle mode + preset inside

    Is there books or videos to learn this right hand technique ? Fabulous playing !
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    Breaking Down Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays Most Beautiful Song

    One of my favorite too , master peace ... Great video
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    More Bass Amps Please

    Fair request .
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    How to fall in love with your Axe III again (4CM)

    I ll get a try , thanks
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    How to fall in love with your Axe III again (4CM)

    When you say "roll back the impedance curve resonances" you mean full down or near ?
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    Dorian funk fusion guitar improvisation

    Good sound and shops !
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    Wireless suggestions for FX3?

    NUX B-5RC is tempting .
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    Should I buy used?

    i ll not do it .
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    Wish Friedman JJ, Wizard MC-II and Revv Gen 120

    Please Cliff , take his Wizard !
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    What is you FM3 “backup” for live shows

    I have never needed a backup for my Fractal gear in 6 years but now i m thinking to grab one . i m getting old maybe ...
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    FM9: G66 availability & waitlist

    28. August 2021 07:54 AM , i m in the starting block too :)
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