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  1. GetItOn

    Can anyone help me replicate this tone on an Axe FX

    Have you searched the tone on Axechange yet? http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=5052 You can covert the preset if necessary with fractool: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/fractool-the-ultimate-fractal-device-multitool.112538/ cheers, C.
  2. GetItOn

    Modern George Lynch Tone

    Maybe this can help you with recreating his setup:
  3. GetItOn

    Has anyone made scitar simmulation?

    There's one in Yek's preset collection: http://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/yeks-preset-collection-quantum-3-03-axe-fx-ii-xl-and-blog.89143/
  4. GetItOn

    Wah - Cry Babe

    Maybe auto engage is on? Check your Wah's modifier page.
  5. GetItOn

    Wish sigmoid slope on wah control..

    I think you mean this: http://wiki.fractalaudio.com/axefx2/index.php?title=Controllers_and_modifiers:_Auto-Engage#Adjusting_a_modifier_curve
  6. GetItOn

    This tone from The Wall...

    Maybe this can help: I personally use rig rundowns and such on Youtube as template to recreate a certain tone in the AxeFX.
  7. GetItOn

    Auto Wah In "What I am"

    Yek said: My favorite settings for the past year or so: FILTER block (before Amp) Lowpass Order: 4th Frequency attached to Envelope Frequency modifier settings: Min 120.3, Max 9.983 Start 0, Mid 40.3, End 100 Order: 4th Q attached to Envelope Q modifier settings: Min 9.058, Max 0.673...
  8. GetItOn

    For the Love of God tone

    This clip from the Dutch #axefest 2013 might get you in the ballpark: Anand Mahangoe en Alexander van Engelen creating preset 80 while demoing the versatility of the AxeFXII at the Wisseloord studios. Anand played 'For the love of god' by Steve Vai to the Dutch AxeFest audience. cheers, Cris
  9. GetItOn

    Possible to convert a certain scene to a standalone preset?

    Copy Scene 4 to Scene 1 and save the preset to a different (empty) preset number.
  10. GetItOn

    Dutch Axe-Fest 2016 (videos and pictures added)

    Too bad I'm on holiday . . . Have fun guys!
  11. GetItOn

    Money for nothing? Anybody?

    Some say it even was a Les Paul Junior: http://www.mk-guitar.com/gear-on-all-songs-for-all-albums-wiki/gear-on-album-brothers-in-arms/ http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/may06/articles/classictracks_0506.htm But when I play that tune, I'm quite glad with the sound of the bridge pickup with the...
  12. GetItOn

    Money for nothing? Anybody?

    It's actually the bridge pickup on a Gibson Les Paul with the tone dialed down a bit with an overdriven amp. Thats' how you still get the overtones. No wah necessary.
  13. GetItOn

    Thinking about a Tele style guitar

    Have you met my friends Wim & Bas? http://www.folredenguitars.com/?lang=en Hand built Strats and Teles. Fully customizable.
  14. GetItOn

    Paul Gilbert's rig copy

    I tweaked my Paul Gilbert preset to Q2.02 (AxeFX II, FRFR) I kind of copied some pedals and amps from his 2011 US tour rig he showed on the Premier Guitar Rig Rundown on Youtube. scene 1 is the basic tone scene 2 is the clean tone by engaging the Compressor and chorus scenes 3 and 4 are dirty...
  15. GetItOn

    Axe Fest - The Dutch Version, 30 november 2013 @ Wisseloord Studio's, Hilversum

    I talked to my buddy Mischa from keuringsdienstvansnaren.nl and he has (a very nice) room for max 50 people in Pijnacker. He could make an estimate if this is a serious option. He can also provide the sandwiches and drinks and even the PA-system. Yesterday I was there with the people from...
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