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Recent content by geetarplayer

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    So, what's everyone's favourite amp model?

    When I first saw this thread, I thought it was going to end up being a photocopy of the amp list from the manual. But this is great - hearing how these different amps are used, along with other effects, etc. Learning a lot!
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    AX8 discontinued?

    Maybe the AX8 will become the Linksys wrt54 of modelers... Many different versions of open source firmware. That would be cool.
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    AX8 discontinued?

    I don't think any digital equipment retains its value.
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    Using CLR & AX8 together along with a small mixer for vocals?

    I would definitely run everything through the mixer. All faders in one spot.
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    Skynyrd Les Paul/Plexi tone - Guitar Cover

    Thanks for sharing. You're shaming me into doing some recording and sharing what I've come up with. :-)
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    Informal Poll - How many pedals are you using?

    TWO. Exp pedal for volume, and a BigSky reverb. I keep getting GAS and going shopping, but darnint, I don't need anything else!!!
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    Dealing with coil splits on the AX8

    Or trust the one you can afford.
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    Sweet Soaring Lead Sound Needed

    Can you post a youtube (with time location) that represents what you are after?
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    Guitar feedback with AX8

    Is he running direct? What equipment? Next time, trade guitars with him and see who gets feedback. Maybe his pickups are microphonic.
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    Guitar feedback with AX8

    Put the guitar pickups directly in front of the speaker - like 6 inches away, and start turning up the volume until you get feedback. Work from there.
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    GNR - 'Sweet Child O' Mine' preset

    I have a friend who keeps asking if I know this song. Gonna have to download this and give it a try. Thank you!
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    All foot switches unresponsive on AX8

    Contact FAS Support.
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    Output block level vs. Amp block level vs. Cab level

    You can put a drive block, for example, right after the amp, right after the cab, etc... so the level of the previous block is going to affect the tone, not just the output level.
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    Message Timeout when saving presets...

    Are you referring to the AxeManage Preset Tool in AxeEdit? What are the exact steps you are doing?
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    Balancing Cleans to Distortion

    Make sure you use the level meter on the AX8 to check the levels, so you can have some objective data to compare.
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