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Recent content by geetarplayer

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    A short ballad recorded with AX8

    Nice. Thanks for sharing!
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    AX8 drops bass and has to be turned off and on again.

    Next time it does it, try switching cables or at least reseating them. What are you playing through?
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    Why set Cab low and high cutoffs?

    Ok, I believe my answer comes from these: Close-micing sounds like it does in real-life. But that leads me to "so have sound engineers been doing those same cuts to make real amps sound good?". Likely, yes. And then, it makes perfect sense that these distributed IRs err on the side of leaving...
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    Why set Cab low and high cutoffs?

    What is the reason for setting the low and high cutoffs for the cab block, if the selected IR is accurately representing the speaker behavior? If the speaker is delivering the curve frequency response it's supposed to, isn't that already burned in?
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    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Turn off the gate and do some experimenting to nail down the cause. Move the guitar around... Closer, far, from the monitor, ax8, etc. My guess is the issue is the proximity of the guitar to the computer. It sounds like you don't have much flexibility in your space, so using the gate and maybe...
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    You want something in the FRFR category, which just means full range flat response, which is basically a powered PA speaker. Lots of low cost options, but as an example, look at guitar center Alto TX208 8" 2-Way Powered Loudspeaker for $100.
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    Help sorting out possible PC generated EMI and my AX8.

    Standing near my laptop (guitar within 18-24 inches of it) produces nasty noise. So I move away.
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    External vs Internal footswitches

    Can an external footswitch do anything that one of the 8 numbered footswitches cannot do? I'm thinking yes, as they can be a controller, but maybe there is always an equivalent setting for the 8 footswitches? Thanks.
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    Wish: AX8 Midi Block

    Search the forum for voes mc5jr. I don't know if it does all you need, but it may.
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    Stereo Output from the AX8

    Also, you might want to choose ping pong delay, to get extreme stereo, for testing. You should hear it bouncing back and forth left and right. I have a preset like that, that is strictly for during sound check, to make sure FOH has me in stereo.
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    Volume pedal before AX8 or as an expression with volume block?

    The layout grid is analogous to a real pedalboard. In that physical analogy, it seems what you did was, you grabbed your filter pedal, unplugged the patch cables on each side (In and Out), and set it aside so you could sell it on reverb.com. Now there are patch cables laying there, not connected...
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    So i'm just a boomer tryin' to keep up

    I'm a bit younger than you, and I expect to use my AX8 until I physically cannot play the guitar anymore. I can't imagine needing anything more. As a matter of fact, I have a case of GAS right now, and some $$, and I keep searching for something I can buy that I need, and I keep coming up empty.
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    Drive Blocks

    This thread is inspiring me to revisit some drives this weekend and try more variations on the settings and see how good I can make them sound.
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    Drive Blocks

    I'll attach a preset here. (You may have to set cabs in the Cab block yourself.) I do variations of this depending on the song. Scene Controller #1 - is on Amp Input Drive and Amp Input Trim.Both of those, when raised, make the patch louder, so I have... Scene Controller #2 - on the Cab Level...
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    Drive Blocks

    Yeah - I headed straight for the Timmy when it showed up on AX8, as that was an always-on pedal for me with my real amp. But I gave up on trying to get it to sound right. I'm content, though, as the scene controller on the Amp's input drive and trim, plus the 2nd scene controller on the cab...
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