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Recent content by geetarplayer

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    Ground hum when using AX8

    My noise problem in church is definitely coming from the light dimmers. I now know to check about whether they are going to be doing dimming of the lights or not. (They usually have them at 100%). If they will be dimming, I'll take my humbuckers. I'd rather use the tele, but the noise is just...
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    Austin Buddy presets and Input Trim?

    @austinbuddy is a class act, I must say.
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    Axefest 2019 + AX8 ..... what do people think is coming?

    I think it will be.... Ax8 firmware 10.02, that will have a more realistic modeling of the early reflection factors of the negative bias Dynamics between the values of 4 and 6.5 for the bad cat amp's high gain channel.
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    Volume Block Settings

    I'm pretty sure he meant to put a space in there... he has a Behringer set up. OP - what is the model number of your volume pedal? Does it have "expression" capabilities? If so, it should be calibrated in one of the 4 EXP pedal jacks on the AX8 for maximum flexibility.
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    Touring preset breakdown

    Nicely presented. Thank you!
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    Switching between clean and dirty amp settings

    If you are sensitive to any audio gap, your best bet is to use the Controllers - either Scene controllers or Control Switches. Have them control the gain, maybe input trip, cab volume. I find Control Switches the easiest to deal with as opposed to Scene Controllers.
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    AX8 with Eventide H9 Strymon BigSky

    Oh - and I also used some of the extra CPU to mine Bitcoin.
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    AX8 with Eventide H9 Strymon BigSky

    Yes, I use a BigSky in the FX loop. I want really lush and thick and sometimes "weird" reverbs, and there are 2 things I didn't want to deal with... 1) Configuring tricky combinations of multi-delay et al to achieve that, and 2) worrying about hitting CPU, as I sometimes also have pitch, 1 or 2...
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    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    I've gotten the usefulness out of this thread. There are too many variables to predict what will happen. I'm fine with that.
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    Ares is coming to the AX8?

    Why would Cliff port "some of the ARES stuff" to AX8, and not all of it? That's what he did recently. It's easier to port 100% of something than parts of it. I think the AX8 has seen all the ARES it's gonna see.
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    Ares 1 for AX8?

    Why wouldn't I want an update?
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    Master Amp Wishlist

    Yes, FAS has added amps as part of firmware updates.
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    Can I really live without scribble strips?

    I'd like to have the option to "write" a long string of my choosing. That would cut down on reviewing what each switch does each week, for each song. Then, if I find myself staring at them, I'll change them back to "S1", "S2", and "S3" so they are much less meaningful. :-)
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    FX Loop overloading and poor integration with Big Sky

    Post the BigSky preset also.
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    Possible dumb question re: achieving three dimensional stereo sound

    Also use stereo cab block with 2 different cabs.