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Recent content by gdgross

  1. gdgross

    Who lifts weights here?

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Mostly people seem to think lifting heavy is ok for the grip... I'd say I'm not really going heavy, just heavier than I have in the past. (And thinking about adding a deadlift, of course.) For reference, on leg day I do 4 sets of squats, 3x12 reps with 185lbs...
  2. gdgross

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    I don't get selling your gear to fund a product that can't yet be purchased...what are you gonna use in the meantime?
  3. gdgross

    FM3 Update. September 12 2019

    Thanks Matt, and ok by me anyway. wasn't sure how i was gonna swing the cash until one of my regular fall gigs picked back up anyway.
  4. gdgross

    Who lifts weights here?

    Fair points all around, and my suspicion is that it probably helps if anything, but I've got a nagging doubt lol. With limited time to practice, every little but counts for me haha. Sure would love to see some science on this one.
  5. gdgross

    Who lifts weights here?

    I've been trying to research this topic for a while and haven't been able to find any good scientific answers. I try to keep in shape, partially by lifting weights a couple times a week. I'm interested in adding some meatier lifts to my routine, like deadlifts, as well as increasing my...
  6. gdgross

    FM3 hot questions (and, hopefully, answers)

    This would be perfect, except that you always have to use the wah at max volume. But I'd love a toe-up-engage the tuner function!
  7. gdgross

    Hold function question

    There's a reverb hold though - if your reverb is deep and long you can get a pad-like sound to play over... (at least there is on the ax8, i assume the FM3 will have it too.)
  8. gdgross

    Pops even when using SPDIF as clock source

    Hmm, good point, I could have changed the buffer size and not thought about it, was generally working with small buffers last night in S1... but i wouldn't think the buffer size should matter, that's after all the digital audio info gets clocked in right?
  9. gdgross

    Pops even when using SPDIF as clock source

    Hi all. I'm demoing studio one and considering switching DAWs from PT, and i noticed last night that I seemed to get a LOT more pops when recording my AX8 direct via SPDIF in studio one compared to protools. Same interface (apogee ensemble) same cables, same computer, same everything except...
  10. gdgross

    How are you planning to configure your rig?

    Similar to my Ax8 rig: 2 exp pedals, one dedicated for vol and the other mostly wah, but other effects on a per patch basis. with the FM3 i'll be adding a voes 5 pin footswitch controller to compensate for the "there's only three buttons" thing, as i like to have a few effects with dedicated...
  11. gdgross

    Can you switch FS layout via midi? (FM3)

    Yes, this would be very cool, and go a long way to alleviating the "but there's only three footswitches" woes
  12. gdgross

    Switching channels with FM#

    And I bet there are MIDI to relay converters out there.
  13. gdgross

    What are you most looking forward to re: FM3?

    Honestly I'm sure myself and many others would be hard pressed to tell the difference in tone between the FM3 and, say, an AX8 in a mix or live situation. So it's not the tones for me, although I do like keeping up with the modeling jonses, I guess. I'm looking forward to the routing options...
  14. gdgross

    Only 3 Switches? What were they thinking?

    Wild. I don't think I could do that myself, but sounds good if it's working for you! I need simplicity in my life, hah.
  15. gdgross

    Only 3 Switches? What were they thinking?

    I think I'll be fine with the 3 FM3 switches plus a 5 switch external controller (voes). But the discussion did get me wondering, will/does anyone actually bring different pedalboards/setup per gig? I can't imagine re-jiggering my layout depending on the size of the stage. I want one...
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