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  1. Galgenwald

    Axe Ultra + Voodoolab GCP Midi connection Problem

    Now as I see this, it sounds so easy, and i couldn't get it in my head by myself =)
  2. Galgenwald

    Axe Ultra + Voodoolab GCP Midi connection Problem

    Hello people. I have a little problem in my setup. My rack is built up like this: Line6 G90 Wireless Hughes & Kettner Grandmeister 36 Axe Ultra (Wired with 4 Cable Method) It is connected via MIDI to my VOODOOLAB GCP it is wired like this: GCP Midi OUT Axe Ultra Midi IN Axe Ultra MIDI...
  3. Galgenwald

    Ultra & Line 6 Relay G90 advice

    I use the g90 and the ulta for years now,.... try to set up different cable lentghs emulations on the g90 and refresh the batteries and it woks fine. I use MAIN OUT (XLR) on the G90 into the JACK REAR INPUT on the Ultra.
  4. Galgenwald

    I'm New.. Help...

    1: Download the Legacy Axe Edit Here 2: The Mbox works. 3: Yes you can do that. Guitar 1: Axe front in normal signal chain. Guitar 2:create an FX loop block in your patch and plug the guitar 2 into the fx return jack on the back. your patch should look like this to play with 2 guitars...
  5. Galgenwald

    Ultra with a GCP. Can I use 4 expression pedals?

    yep it does =) i go with 2 connected to the gcp where 1 is volume and the other is expression or wah depending on the preset =)
  6. Galgenwald

    Axe FX Standard / Ultra separate output signal for tuner??

    if your actual patch runs in row 2 on your patch, you can scroll down in the midi menu to check for volume 2 because right on the bottom (midi no 94) i found sth called: "Volume 2 Bypass" If i get it right, it means that you can bypass anything that is connected to the 2nd output in your patch...
  7. Galgenwald

    Axe FX Standard / Ultra separate output signal for tuner??

    why dont you just assign the button on the line 6 to activate both tuners? the Tuner in the Axe Fx (which actually mutes the main outputs) and the tuner in the line 6 just to tune? Like this you dont have to mes with the input or output volumes,.... just 1 button, 2 tuners... (1 to tune and...
  8. Galgenwald

    Axe FX Standard / Ultra separate output signal for tuner??

    To do this: Turn "ON" your Axe FX Ultra Select any Patch you want Hit the "I/O Button" Go 4 Pages to the right. Now you are in the CTRL configuration, where you can check and assign the controller numbers. in my Axe Fx Ultra, Output 1 Volume is "Contoller number 11"
  9. Galgenwald

    Axe FX Standard / Ultra separate output signal for tuner??

    Do you use your line 6 Device in 4CB? then there isnt i guess. If you use your Line 6 just as a Midi board to switch your axe, then its pretty simple. take your patch as you are used too, BUT create an FX Loop Block in another row. Actual Patch: Now, Insert an FX Loop Block in a...
  10. Galgenwald

    Ultra for effects only

    did you check that the in and output volumes on the front are not clipping or sth? do you have a cab and an amp loaded in your patch?
  11. Galgenwald

    Lil studio related question of the ultra

    I have now the time to try out the settings we talked about ETOLKIEN. When I want to increase the volume of the DI Track, do i simply turn up the level on control 4 on the fx loop block settings, as the fx block is in row 4?
  12. Galgenwald

    Ultra for effects only

    there are effects, you should use before the input of your amp, also others that should ONLY be used in the fx loop of your amp. In front: Guitar => Fuzz => Buffer/LineDriver => WahWah => Compressor => Distortion/Overdrive => Amp In the Loop: Send =>Pitch Shift => Modulation >= Delay => Reverb...
  13. Galgenwald

    Can the Ultra Get close to the II??

    I'm totally okay with you!!! I feel the same!
  14. Galgenwald

    Post your rigs!!

    Yep me too. but I was there to talk about how it works in a rack. But I have another short clip of me playing on my facebook page. Lets see If i can make it embed in my post.
  15. Galgenwald

    Schaffer Replica Pedal on a AXE-FX Standard

    In theory it should work liks this. I know the sound of the peadl but i never tried to recreate it. A general good advice for working with Fractal Audio stuff is: "Go what sounds best for your ears." Because especially when you are new to it, you can easily be overrun by all the stuff these...
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