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Recent content by firmani99

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    Fade to Black - Metallica Cover

    That was awesome!! Do another!
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    La tempesta di sale, Modern Metal Tone

    Very cool and unique!
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    I just needed to make something.

    I think its great! I love the opening riff.
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    I'm fairly new to high gain tones, is this good? (Tool - Invincible)

    Thank You!! I appreciate the advice!
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    I'm fairly new to high gain tones, is this good? (Tool - Invincible)

    That sounded fantastic!!!! How did you record the drums? I want to be able to start messing with electronic drum software. I just don't know where to start.
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    Cygnus vs. FW15 chuggz

    I haven't been on the forum lately. What amp models are these? Is there an updated amp model list?
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    Metallica « battery » Diezel VH4

    Did you really get those acoustic sounds out of that guitar? If so, how? Awesome playing!
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    Sony using IR's to mix movies!

    https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/post-and-broadcast/new-sony-360-vme-tech-keeps-audio-post-working-from-home?utm_source=SmartBrief&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=545CCF2E-0755-4F6B-8B7A-F95B01BCC3F3&utm_content=0B506B88-0B92-43DD-A28A-82287BEB5A29 Though that was pretty interesting.
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    Megadeth - Symphony of Destruction solo cover

    I said the same thing on instagram but damn this is awesome!!
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    Virtual Capo

    Is the virtual capo in the FM3 as well as the Ax III?
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    Headphone output

    No it was up and no sound. Started working all of a sudden. I checked for a loose cable but can't figure it out.
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    Headphone output

    Never mind. Just started working. Really strange.
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    Headphone output

    I just sat down with my FM3 for the first time and I cant get the headphone jack to output any audio. Is there a setting somewhere to link it to an output? Do I have to set up each preset for use with headphones?
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    Got my invite today and I was on the waitlist at 5:30 eastern on the first day.
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