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Recent content by Finaldo

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    Axe-Fx III wait list: Let us know when you get notified...

    I was on the waitlist on Feb 6 at 4:06pm EST. I should see the invite soon!
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    Arch Echo - Hip Dipper (instrumental prog jams)

    I'll definitely be picking it up!
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    Arch Echo - Hip Dipper (instrumental prog jams)

    This is great stuff... I'd definitely buy an album of it!
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    ORS (Fuzzrock) first album released - Axe-FX II all along !

    This is pretty cool stuff. Is your singer influenced by Karnivool?
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    Fender Super Reverb '74...wow

    I've had the same experience. The Axe-Fx completely nails that tone. Have fun! :)
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    Glenn Fricker's Opinion.

    It's plain to see that he misses the point of the Axe-Fx and similar modelers while playing live... The control options, and the output options, and the consistency of the sound. It makes me sad to see someone put so much time and effort into telling someone else what to do or use on a...
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    Funk Fusion with the AXE FX II

    You wouldn't happen to be influenced at all (even just tonally?) by Greg Howe, would ya? :D
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    New from Marshall!!! It's a... phone?

    This is the best idea I've seen in a while. You could make your Fractal woman emulate any other woman. This sounds pretty clutch.
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    Never get a good sound with Axe FX II

    I didn't think the Sweet Child patch sounded bad. The KSE clip sounded like the EQ was set up for a pretty narrow band, like it was recorded from a phone speaker. What IR are you using?
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    Amp Speaker Page matched to cab?

    It may have been mentioned a while ago that the speaker tab is on the amp block because there isn't a good way for the blocks to communicate data to each other besides the input and output of the Axe-Fx's input signal. I didn't look for an actual quote though, I just vaguely remember someone...
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    Fryette Power Station tube power amp

    I have one here, but I haven't used it a lot, yet. Just with a Red Iron Amps T-Rex. Does a good job of attenuating, but I'm no expert on that kind of stuff. Seems to be very well-made, though!
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    IRs created with reference mics?

    Any mic will do that if the sample length is long enough, right? I don't want an IR like that for use on a recording, I just want it for my own enjoyment while I'm in my living room, playing through the Axe-Fx into a powered monitor. To get the amp-in-the-room sound, I am guessing (and...
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    IRs created with reference mics?

    I've searched around a bit, but maybe not deeply enough. From what I see, the cab packs look like they're all created with a variety of popular mics... but are any of them created with a flat/reference mic? I'm working on getting the amp-in-the-room sound... some of the IRs sound completely...
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    So I played through a Two Rock combo yesterday.....

    I get what you're saying and agree with getting the best out of whatever you're using. Use what works for you, it's not a competition. Regarding the part of your post I quoted, a powered monitor can fill a room just as well as a tube amp. They can sound very similar too, with the right cab IR.
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    So I played through a Two Rock combo yesterday.....

    I was at my guitar tech's shop last weekend and brought my Axe-Fx II and an FBT Verve 12ma and dialed it as close as I could to his 70s Super Reverb. We got the Axe-Fx to the point, without a lot of tweaking, that it sounded and reacted so close to the Super Reverb that I couldn't really tell...
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