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  1. favance


    I'm ready! Just cleared out the few IRs i had in my MK1 User2 IR library...
  2. favance


    Will there be new cabinet resonance settings that match the released AITR factory cabs?
  3. favance

    Sell me on dual amps

    So, I have a blended amps patch I've been working on that sounds great to my ears and represents a take on Bonamassa's rig. I used some York Audio Matchless IRs for my patch but have substituted some of the factory Matchless Cabs for the upload... You can find it here...
  4. favance

    Sell me on dual amps

    Take a look at Joe Bonamassa's Rig. I'm working on my version/patch of his rig that includes a Dumble Overdrive Special and Tweed Twin Reverb w/Celestions. I'm getting real close and it rocks...
  5. favance

    Wiring for a Les Paul

    If you want the original sound of a Les Paul, I recommend unpotted pickups. This is what they started with... Most of the hi-end (and expensive) Les Pauls use unpotted pickups. Even though there are potential feedback issues, these types of pickups are more sensitive and allow for a more open...
  6. favance

    Any Stringjoy users here?

    i've been using them for years and love them. I recently switched over from Balanced Nickel Wound (Signature) set to their Pure Nickel sets...I'm digging the Pure Nickel (Broadway) old school sound more these days. They make great strings!
  7. favance

    RIP Charlie Watts

    Long ago, I thought the Beatles would outlast the Stones...and then after years, I believe the Stones ARE the greatest Rock-N-Roll band ever! Mainly because Charlie Watts held down the group as their foundation, both as a drummer and great human being!
  8. favance

    Any 335'ers Up In Here??

    Here's my '63 Repro 335" built in 2017 in Memphis...
  9. favance

    IRs York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: VH+ 412 P50E

    Bought it! What Mix did you use for the above? Any chance we can get the preset? Thanks!
  10. favance

    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    I never really looked at Jack Pearson... Here's another video where he talks about sustain and technique in general: https://opengtuning.co.uk/blues-guitar-with-jack-pearson/
  11. favance

    Multiple Presets For Multiple Guitars?? Yes or No?

    removed from post.
  12. favance

    Multiple Presets For Multiple Guitars?? Yes or No?

    Not in front of Axe-FX currently, but I believe these patches (created by @austinbuddy), place the FILTER (Not PEQ) block in front of the Amp and use a switch to kick it in/out. I have his "Gold" pack and it was well worth the money for educating me on how to create great patches...I highly...
  13. favance

    Multiple Presets For Multiple Guitars?? Yes or No?

    On most of my presets, I have a PEQ block inline that I can kick in w/a switch when I use a single coil guitar (strat/tele). I got this from Austin Buddy's setup. I create all patches first w/a PAF guitar... Works fairly well for me.
  14. favance

    Happy Father's Day fellas!

    Thanks! Happy Father's Day to you. Being a Father is the best thing that ever happened to me! I see we're in the same neck of the woods. @Tremonti, PM me if you're playing near here or would like to meet up.
  15. favance


    I'm betting these things are our own latest drone tech...a drone's speed and maneuverability is not limited by the physics of a pilot's human body!
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