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Recent content by favance

  1. favance

    Effect for pickless attack?

    I've been chasing this tone also. I believe one of the secrets is a nice semi-hollow body guitar (I have a nice Gibson 335). Second, use the neck pickup with the tone control rolled all the way back (or close to all the way). Third. pick a nice clean amp (fender, vox, etc)...the Roland Jazz...
  2. favance

    Hanging a couple of guitars on the wall… Suggestions requested

    I used these very same hangers (inexpensive), but mounted them to a 1x6" hardwood board I bought at Lowes, stained, then mounted to the studs in the wall... Here's my crew all nice and stable.
  3. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Oh boy! I can't wait for the new Matchless updates. Will these be released in a new package? What, if any, will it cost for those of us that already purchased?
  4. favance

    My wife passed away today

    The only thing I can say is that things will get better if you allow them too. I too have had devastating issues in my life... I was lifted up by friends, family, and strangers. I reached out to them and trusted them. Some 20+ years later, I feel blessed because I trusted something better...
  5. favance

    Wish Cab Select "Auto-Audition"

    If you find cabs that you like, save the block to the block library. Works great for quickly finding your favorites! Heck, you can even number them 1,2,3...
  6. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Not sure how you could improve on your existing Matchless 212 IR, but I'm up for it... Would love to hear other types of speakers/cabs, 1970 vintage EV-12Ls in a 2x12 cab would be nice!
  7. favance

    Wish Super Beatle

    Alot of us used Solid State back in the day...here's one I had:
  8. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    I have found using the mixes forces me to use my ears, instead of overthinking what mics to pick/blend. I trust your ears/equipment with providing a great range of mixes
  9. favance

    Wish Headphone-specific EQ

    Would be great if we had an EQ just for headphones. I found headphone EQ correction files, specifically for my Beyerdynamic 880 Pro 250 Ohm here. Others are available.
  10. favance

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    Purchased. Plugged the "Numb" mix into my Gilmore Presets...Perfect! It really make the Hiwatt shine!
  11. favance

    Beyerdynamic DT770, DT880, DT990 Headphones with the Axe FXIII

    I have the 250 ohm 880s and they sound great.
  12. favance

    Out-of-Phase Humbucker Guitar Filter Block Help

    I did not say it had to be perfect. The block attached to my post is mint to be a close approximation of the effect for those that don't have their guitar wired up w/OOP... I'm asking for someone that owns such a guitar to try the block out and let me know how close it is. Based on my...
  13. favance

    Out-of-Phase Humbucker Guitar Filter Block Help

    I have been trying to simulate an out-of-phase humbucker setup for a preset using the Axe-FX III Filter block. I have a Gibson Les Paul, but really don't want to re-wire it with an out-of-phase switch. Also, I'm trying to emulate the Peter Green LP out-of-phase sound. I've attached the filter...
  14. favance

    Anyone have an electric car?

    How about a car that will run for 100 years between refills? Thorium Car!
  15. favance

    Souping Up My SSS Stratocaster For More Tonal Options

    I have a strat modded with noiseless fender pickups and the active Eric Clapton preamp. I love the tonal versatility. I can go from a treble boosted noiseless pickup to a mid-boosted, les paul sound. Something like this: https://www.twilightguitars.com/product-p/eric-clapton-loaded-pgd.htm
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