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Recent content by FantomasXD

  1. FantomasXD

    Headphone use... Volume of DAW not loud enough to compete with the Axe

    Thanks a lot guys. Ill mess around with a few things today and report back
  2. FantomasXD

    Headphone use... Volume of DAW not loud enough to compete with the Axe

    Hey guys, This might seem pretty basic for most people but I'm a bit of a noob with this stuff. I recently moved into an apartment so I'm strictly using headphones with my Axe FX. I use Logic Pro X. The volume of the click is ridiculously low, even at max volume inside Logic Pro X. I can't...
  3. FantomasXD

    Dave Mustaine plays Fractal... it's even on the Megadeth site!

    I used to think he was a clown too until i read his book. It's really interesting. He has got some strange views on things and does speak out of line sometimes but he's a really cool guy i think!
  4. FantomasXD

    I don't understand the hate for the green screen...

    I'm the same mate. While i understand it could look better for sure i just don't see a problem with it. The unit is rock solid and the screen is basic enough to get it to do what you want quickly. I kind of rather things more simple as opposed to more flashy and a bit more technical to use...
  5. FantomasXD

    I don't understand the hate for the green screen...

    I couldn't care less to be honest. Functionality over aesthetics any day
  6. FantomasXD

    Name 7 guitar players you really dislike...

    1. Myself 2. Myself 3. Myself 4. Myself 5. Myself 6. The Edge 7. Myself
  7. FantomasXD

    The mighty MESHUGGAH and the Axe FX!

    I agree mate. I have seen a shit ton of heavy bands but my god Meshuggah were crushing!
  8. FantomasXD

    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Logic Pro X. Very simple, and I'm a fair noob to the recording thing.
  9. FantomasXD


    Karnivool are incredible. Sound Awake is my favourite album of all time. I still can't believe they made that album, it's insanely good. I shudder to think how many times I've listened to it from start to finish and it still hasn't gotten old yet!
  10. FantomasXD

    The Haunted - Exit Wounds

    Holy Fuck! I seriously love Peter Dolving and he is one of my favourite vocalists ever, but this album is incredible!!! I would have thought they would have gone backward with so many line up changes but this band honestly never fails to amaze me. I pretty much love all their albums but i...
  11. FantomasXD

    Did your effect pedals GAS stop since you bought your Axe fx?

    I have stopped looking them up online so obsessively, but there are still definitely a few i would really like to run through my Fender DRRI (I hardly use this anymore haha). Black Arts Toneworks and Earthquaker Devices pedals really make my nuts tingle. I sold about 12 pedals total of both...
  12. FantomasXD

    Owns Axe FX XL and uses only one amp

    I agree. I only use one patch on my Axe FX 2 haha. I feel kind of bad for neglecting all the great things on it, but I'm probably not the best at creating different tones.
  13. FantomasXD

    unexpected ngd, I bought an Ibanez?

    That's all kinds of yummy! Just bought an RG3521 and dropped some black battle worn aftermaths in it myself!. Love the finish on your guitar though mate.
  14. FantomasXD

    So .. um... can I promote my band?

    Well... that was fucking incredible. My favourite style of music. Definitely takes you on a journey.
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