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Recent content by Fabio KTG

  1. Fabio KTG

    Unable to Browse for firmware *resolved*

    Try unzipping the file first.
  2. Fabio KTG

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Holy smokes, that was refreshing. Could definitely hear the Holdsworth/AaL influence. Great work.
  3. Fabio KTG

    Probably lost my Axe FX II and my MFC101 :(((

    Oh, dude, I am so sorry to see the sheer devastation and loss of your gear. Do you know what caused the fire? If it was no fault of your own, the band space build owner may be liable for damages to replace your gear. I appreciate that this is in Germany and not the UK, but surely you have some...
  4. Fabio KTG

    After 15 years of playing...

    Tom Quayle is one of the best modern jazz players around and has lessons on his website. I can vouch for their quality. http://www.tomquayle.co.uk/lessons.html
  5. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    Hi Cliff, I don't know if you saw my post asking about making your own schematics by measuring the component values and circuit paths. :)
  6. Fabio KTG

    The only GAS I saw at NAMM

    Didn't Greg tour for Fender for like 20 years or something, doing clinics and product launches?
  7. Fabio KTG

    Mesa Tremoverb ?

    IIRC the gain/dirty sounded different to the other Rectos. It had a snarl about it that I can't describe. No idea what was going on under the hood. I ran one for clean and the other dirty/lead. I remember the sound guy moaning that he had to mic up an extra guitar and wondering why I didn't just...
  8. Fabio KTG

    Mesa Tremoverb ?

    Can confirm. I used to run 2 Trem-O-Verbs before I went to an Uberschall/Twin setup. Lovely amps. They are soooo hard to get nowadays
  9. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta #2

    @FractalAudio, Cliff, forgive me for asking.but if you have the actual product in front of you, there's only a finite number of components to a pedal (amps obviously have hundreds/thousands). Can you not draw your own schematic and measure the component values for an accurate representation...
  10. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    Psssh, you metal heads are all the same \m/
  11. Fabio KTG

    Video from our House of Blues show

    As a Brit who has been listening to BS and Ozzy since birth, you did that song more than justice. That was infuckingcredible. Your singer has the mannerisms and everything down; it's uncanny. Perhaps you should go that extra distance and get him smacked out of his eyeballs before every show for...
  12. Fabio KTG

    Somebody please convince me to NOT buy an Axe FX with my tax return.

    I'll be honest; I would have skinned that cat and made some $4,000 exotic cat slippers to sell to some rich Chinese consumer.
  13. Fabio KTG

    Symphony X - Serpents Kiss(FULL COVER) Energyball/CP19

    Man, I haven't listened to Symphony X since The Odessey. That verse riff was so damn groovy, it reminds me of Lamb of God. That was a stellar cover, great mixing and very tight. Don't ever let go of that singer, there's lots of character in his voice. What do you think of the GGD pack...
  14. Fabio KTG

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 7.00 Public Beta

    If Cliff includes a B7K in the final version I think that I might pee my pants.
  15. Fabio KTG

    'Time' Hans Zimmer - Inception - Guitar Cover Axe Fx & Toontrack

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