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Recent content by ezvictor

  1. ezvictor

    Post here if you've received an invite for the Headphone Jack model!

    Just received it. But I can’t pull the trigger because I’m likely out of a job come October:oops: thanks Covid
  2. ezvictor

    FM3 and External IR's

    OK yeah. I toggle between normal and ultra on my AFII and really cant hear the difference. So I probably won't be able to tell.
  3. ezvictor

    FM3 and External IR's

    Time out. I have a huge library of ML sound lab and Ownhammer IRs. Are you saying they won’t sound the same loaded into the FM3? What do you mean by “won’t sound the same”? Is this something that is going to be updated in a firmware release?
  4. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    I think Pliny the younger is hype incarnate. Their (RR) wine barrel aged beers are better but I’d grab one for the record. 👍 im a bells hopslam fan when it comes to limited release dipas.
  5. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    Thanks I guess :rolleyes: If the unit sounds as good or better than tha 2 with out losing out on too much functionality, then I’ll be sold. My only problem with my current rig is that it’s big and cumbersome compared to the FM3 with an fc6. I have a feeling it will be an awesome unit but...
  6. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    My I get no gap with my 2 using two amps. I use scenes to bypass/mute/unbypass them. I want to know if I will be satisfied with the switching on the fm3 using channels.
  7. ezvictor

    How I use the 3 foot switches in my FM3

    Oh nelly. I’m not gonna be able to remember that much programming by the end of the first set. I’m gonna need at least the fc6.
  8. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    "Channels" Thats it. Thank you. My presets are all I'd need for a show. I have a bunch that are all formatted the same but with different amps to suit my tastes and moods for that particular evening. in-WAH-Phaser-Drive-null Filter-2 amps-Cab-comp-Chorus-flanger-reverb(normal)-delay- out I...
  9. ezvictor

    Axe Fx 2 vs Fm3

    I currently use an AXE FX 2 mkii with the Mfc-101. I'm interested in getting the FM3 but am I making a lateral move? Am I downgrading? All of the presets that I use have 2 amp blocks for gap-less switching. One amp is a dirty amp, and the other is a clean amp. Is PRESET switching on the Fm3...
  10. ezvictor

    Boaner cab pack?

    What amps are you guys using with this? I’ve tried the shiva and ecstasy but I’m just not gelling with this pack. It’s dark and a little undefined to my ears especially when paired with the Shiva. Am I doing it wrong? And let me just say that I have all of ML’s IRs and I think they are great...
  11. ezvictor

    A little live video (covers band)

    Simeon I just wanted to say your band is sick and you sound great. Keep up the good work.
  12. ezvictor

    Chris Broderick 5153 IRs from Cab Pack 5

    !edited! To add sound clip. There is something unique about those. Ive really been enjoying them lately. I have thousands of IRs by now but that Cab Pack 5 had some good stuff. It was the introduction of the "Ultra Res" iirc. I especially love the "4 x12 Broderick 5153 CE 2 in" There is...
  13. ezvictor

    ORNG Cab Pack | IR's based on an Orange 4x12 with UK V30s [ML Sound Lab]

    Always a big fan of your IRs. I’m sure this will Be no exception.
  14. ezvictor

    Marshall TV Greenback IR's

    They are really good irs. Well done and thanks for sharing them. 🤘:sunglasses:
  15. ezvictor

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.00 Firmware Release

    Remember way back when you bought a piece of gear/hardware and that was the final state of its evolution as a piece of gear/hardware? Guess that was just a bad dream. Thanks a ton for your continued devotion to your legacy hardware Cliff. You Da Mang!!
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