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Recent content by elchampion

  1. elchampion

    Game Changer Plasma?

    Mine arrives in October. Looking forward to hear what it does.
  2. elchampion

    Bare Knuckle Pickups

    I bought a Steve Stevens Rebel Yell neck pick up for my SG and it's amazing!! Work well with the Tone Zone in the bridge.
  3. elchampion

    MFC-101 no longer available?

    Best is to contact sales@fractal and find out for sure.
  4. elchampion

    A little something different from XiTone Cabs...

    No silver screw? Nice job Mick!
  5. elchampion

    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    That one worked no problem. Weird.
  6. elchampion

    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    Thanks for re uploading it but I still get the error message. I even tried thru the Axe-Manage presets and opened my download folder and it didn't even show up as a choice.
  7. elchampion

    “Like a Stone” Whammy

    I tried to upload this patch into my AX8 but it says file is not supported. Anyone having this issue?
  8. elchampion

    Thinking of giving away my XL+ ... Any Ideas?

    You can look into the Austin School of Rock or Anthropos Arts
  9. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    Awesome!! Can't wait to try this!
  10. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    Thanks Cliff!! This is the type of info I need to getting the best out of my amp(s) into the AXE-FX.
  11. elchampion

    X-LOAD set ups

    This is my first reactive load product so all this is new to me. I've tried running my LB-2 into the front of my XL+ and the rear input and haven't noticed much of a difference. I've set up a cab block and a reverb at the end the chain on the grid using my Fender super sonic 22 combo. Seems that...
  12. elchampion

    Raise the flag for another Fractal victory!

    It’s easier to go to guitar center and grab a helix than AX8. My guess as to why that is, tho the AX8 sounds better.
  13. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Yeah I noticed the blue light show inside! Reminds me of the swart night light bulb!
  14. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Received my LB-2 today and paired it with my Swart AST mkII and it sounded great into the front input of the AXE XL+. Maybe I should see if there's a difference from the back input. Its really cool to have all my pedals in front of the amp and the Axe effects behind the cab block. Its going to...
  15. elchampion

    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    Bit the bullet and trusted in Cliff. Ordered! This will be my first load box, so I’m excited to play my amps thru my XL+ and AX8. Would I plug the DI out to the front of the AX? Or on the back and use the FXL block as an amp block per se?
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