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Recent content by dukemcrae

  1. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    Can I just extoll the virtues of how frickin great this community is? I've owned Fractal stuff for ...maybe 10 years now? And any question I've ever had has always been politely answered with great detail - thanks guys :-) This makes the product even better than it already is, which...
  2. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    Thank you guys!!
  3. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    Thank you, the manual is not very clear at all about that… So I need a Male lightning to a male USB-b connector - nothing seems available like that...
  4. dukemcrae

    FM3: play connect your iOS, Android or PC or Mac?

    I’m trying to hook up my iPhone to play audio backing tracks through my FM3 I plug-in my iPhone 10, using a lightning cable into the USB-A input on the back of the FM3 I play music on my iPhone, and I can hear through the speakers of my iPhone, but I see no input lights on the FM3, and no sound...
  5. dukemcrae

    Isolated Guitar Tracks. Your favourite + Source?

    Hey! I will try and find the hard drive I had all the files on for you!
  6. dukemcrae

    Post Your Axe-Fx III Rigs Here!

    Nice Rack is the most professional organization I've dealt with - they've built all of my racks and boards, and I feel like a Rockstar when I look at how they've set them up.....kudos to them.
  7. dukemcrae

    FS RCF NX 12-SMA Active Coaxial Stage Monitor Speakers & Protective Covers

    Hey! Toronto here... Any pictures? if it's easier, email them to dukemcrae@yahoo.com
  8. dukemcrae

    Panel feed through 7-pin midi socket

    which company/where did you find the jacks?
  9. dukemcrae

    Compact/Low profile XLR cable?

    I've also thought of this, and had a few occasions where someone drunk has stepped on a cable close to the board end - and this is my thought, as of yet to actually do it: I have my MFC101 mounted on a pedaltrain board and i've thought of making all the connections underneath the board, so the...
  10. dukemcrae

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    Looks awesome!!
  11. dukemcrae

    FX8 Preset Master List

    On that note, Yek, Thank you for all for your contributions - I don't contribute much, but i've always read and appreciated your responses and details for everyone....
  12. dukemcrae

    Joe Bonamassa Drive presets

    really nicely done!
  13. dukemcrae

    Wah-wah settings

    There definitely is a way of doing this - I'm away from home and can look it up later - but look for "auto-engage" I think this may be it: The Control (= sweep) parameter in the Wah block is attached to a controller. Go to that parameter and presss Enter. The "modifier" menu will open. Go to...
  14. dukemcrae

    The Cars - "Let's Go" Cover

    really great!!!
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