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Recent content by dscribellito

  1. dscribellito

    Guitar / Computer Chair?

    Another huge thumbs up for SoundSeat. I bought mine in 2008 and it still works great - never had an issue with it. Might be more expensive than a cheap chair elsewhere, but it is a quality product and mine still looks new. I needed to change the gas lift cylinder height at one point and the...
  2. dscribellito

    FC-12 Default Layout 7 Not Acting Right

    While your point is valid regarding customizability, there is still the fundamental issue that a global bank size actually makes no sense and causes issues like this (as I reported in that other thread).
  3. dscribellito

    FC-12 Default Layout 7 Not Acting Right

    This is the issue you are actually experiencing: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/wish-bank-size-per-layout.148029/post-1750323
  4. dscribellito

    Fixed Show FC Screen LCD cutoff view

    I would prefer to have the ability to configure a short preset name and short scene names that are suitable for the FC - and not lose my extremely useful and informational longer preset/scene names that I can view on the Axe-Fx or in Axe-Edit. Point is, I don't want to have to perform major...
  5. dscribellito

    Question: Can you do this?

    See the "PER-PRESET METHOD 1: OVERRIDES" section on page 34 of the manual. This section explains exactly what you need to do. It seems like you have some confusion on what is possible. To be clear, you can define the global behavior for any switch on any layout to have a layout link for tap or...
  6. dscribellito

    Replacing my Gilmour setup

    Check out these guys if you want to hear some great Gilmour tones using Fractal Audio gear: https://www.britfloyd.com. You can also find a lot of discussion about them on the forum: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/search/35109633/?q=Brit+Floyd&o=date.
  7. dscribellito

    Smart Channel Function and LED Ring Lights

    Check out Smart Bypass for Channel Select on page 29 of the manual.
  8. dscribellito

    SOLD Fractal Audio FC-6

  9. dscribellito

    FC-6 First Impressions

    I think he means about at the 9:13 mark, but it is really just the way the camera is picking up the color (e.g. bright red vs dim red for scene on/off) as it is not possible to have different colors for different states of a button. It just kind of looks that way in the video.
  10. dscribellito

    SOLD Fractal Audio FC-6

    It was a tough decision but I decided to keep my FC-12 instead of the FC-6. The FC-6 has only been used at home a couple of times so it is in new condition. $499 plus whatever the actual UPS ground shipping cost is to you (if you want something faster than ground, let me know). I will only...
  11. dscribellito

    Wish: Bank Size Per Layout

    Exactly, and on the FC-12 that is what factory layouts 7 and 1 do, respectively. It doesn't seem that a global bank size makes sense on the FC in the way it did on the MFC-101. On the FC, the bank size (as far as I can tell) is really only there to support the preset in bank switch functions...
  12. dscribellito

    Wish: Bank Size Per Layout

    Currently, the bank size (as configured in the FC Controllers Config menu) applies to all layouts. It would be a lot more flexible if this could be configurable per layout - or possibly even automatically determined per layout based on the number of preset in bank switches configured in the...
  13. dscribellito

    [solved] Why does my FC-6 not work? Firmware 1.04?

    My FC-12 works with 1.04. I think when I got my FC-6 after resetting the factory config I had to power the Axe off and then on again - have you tried that?
  14. dscribellito

    How to assign special characters to Custom Name?

    You have to use the Value knob to access all of the available characters. The small knobs under the display only give access to alpha and numeric characters.
  15. dscribellito

    Possible to load an IR into a tone match block?

    On the III you can use the IR Player block for what you want. I don’t remember the firmware version where that was added, but if you are on the latest it will be there.
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