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  1. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    You can rule out B12 then. A B-complex also helps with blood flow. I find it isn't really noticeable on its own but if I take it an hour or two after NAC then I can definitely feel, or hear the affects. Vasoconstrictor'. So many terms to remember but that should have been obvious from saying...
  2. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    Didn't expect a lot of replies! Thats only a fraction of what I've learnt about T. I should really make a youtube channel if get the time. I'd dedicate my life to this if I could but I'm already trying to live several! Are you taking a B-Complex. B12 on its own is often not enough because it...
  3. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    Tinnitus is very complicated because it's a symptom and not a condition. You can get it from noise damage, poor blood flow, mineral/vitamin deficiency, stress, ear infections, ear wax build-up, muscle tension(TMJ) etc If you got T from noise damage which I presume a lot of people on a gear...
  4. drawnacrol

    Tinnitus sufferers: ever find anything that helps?

    Hi! I researched into T as much as I could when I got it. Right now my T is about 5% of what it was last year thanks to supplements, diet and a ton of other stuff I did. Most of the time its not even there anymore unless I really pay attention to it but I can shut it off in a few seconds now...
  5. drawnacrol

    I wish we could get them in the UK!

    If the Axe-Fx shipped from the US to me than its likely I'd end up paying more in customs with a high risk of the package getting damaged since it gets held in a holding facility until you pay customs plus their ridiculous fees. Pain having to ship it back to the US for any kind of repairs. I...
  6. drawnacrol

    Tone Matching and Amp Matching in the III

    Oh this would be a game changer!!! One of the problems with trying someones patch is you don't have their guitar and hands so it sometimes sounds nothing like their tone. So if I dial in a tone I like and wanted to share it here I could take a reference shot of that tone in the TONE MATCH block...
  7. drawnacrol

    is the AXE III USB 3.x?

    USB is a safe option. Imagine if they brought out the II a few years ago with firewire, I don't think my Mac even has a firewire port anymore.
  8. drawnacrol


  9. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    Thanks! I'll try that too.
  10. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    I used Logic for covering all the IRs. Then converted them to syx in CabLab. Everything seems to be working ok.
  11. drawnacrol

    Convert 44.1K Impulse Response to 48K

    Hey, I couldn't find much solid information on how to do this so I thought I'd ask here. I have a bunch of 44.1K impulses and I want to convert them to 48K to load into my Axe-fx II. How do I do this? I'm using a Mac. Thanks! Edit: I imported the file into Logic(44.1k project), then converted...
  12. drawnacrol

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" 2.00 Public Beta Numero Tres

    There is a definite improvement in palm mutes the last few updates.
  13. drawnacrol

    How about these Skervesen…?

    You get what you pay for and then some. Worth every penny. Where are you from? And why do you need a custom guitar? What specs aren't available in a production instrument that you need to go the custom route for? This is an important point to take into account since a lot of companies are...
  14. drawnacrol

    How about these Skervesen…?

    ^What you want is a dedicated custom shop like Daemoness or Carillion that hand makes guitars. If a company uses CnC they aren't going to be too keen on modifying existing shapes/specs.
  15. drawnacrol

    Dry track suddenly lagging in DAW

    ^I'm using Mountain Lion and Logic 10/X Yes its hi-gain, I'll record the input 1 track dry today and post a screenshot. Yep, its a good bit behind. I just checked all my old tracks I recorded the last few weeks and everyone is behind too completely ruining all the tracking I've done. Can...
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