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Recent content by Dr.Strangenote

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    Plini Friedman BE Tone

    Nice Preset! Thanks. Good base for some just minor tweaking. @Phosphenetre The preset consists of the Friedman BE amp, and cabs are 412 Recto 4x12 M160 mic, and German V30 (RW). The amp settings are almost all at noon, slight bump on treble and presence. Both cabs have the mic position...
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    Reverb hold?

    yet a 1990's zoom 9030 can do it just fine, with ease.. very little processing power in those units. (edit: sorry about resurrecting this dead thread). I'm researching latching and hold functions for reverbs in AX8. I'd hate to have to drag around my old zoom 9030 with the 8050 board, just to...
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    Friedman ASM-12 or ASM-10 - Which FRFR Should I Buy?

    any update to your ASC10? I'm in the market for a pair of FRFR's and like to have something that has the most cab-like sounds that push air. thanks!
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    Anyone using Austin Buddy presets live?

    I have, and it saved me tons of time. When I got the AX8 about a month ago, my plan was to get rid of my massive stage pedal rig ASAP. That retired rig was waaay to heavy for me. If I had a set of touring roadies, I wouldn't mind. When I got the AX8, I just needed to get a few patches up and...
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    What do you use for backup if AX8 dies at gig?

    I carry a flyrig 5 (the one w/plexi drive) in my gigbag. It's not too heavy to lug around. I actually get to remove the boxes of tubes that used to have to be in there! LOL! Only drawback, is that it's mono, and I have to also bring a stereo reverb and two DI w/XLR out.
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    Issue with Drive knob on unit

    ok.. found the problem wasn't a problem after all. good to know. It was a modifier. I found that scene1 was the source of the modifier in the amp block on tons of patches that I use daily. I appreciate the assistance. You guys are awesome! A new patch is fine. I wish that I had more time...
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    Issue with Drive knob on unit

    hmmm, yes. I believe that I do. I went about 1 week with the stock presets. I decided to grab Moke's presets and then also Austin Buddy's naked amps. I think that I ended up loading them all into my unit, so with almost every single preset, they are scenes--clean to mean, and the naked amps...
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    Issue with Drive knob on unit

    Hi, I bought the AX8 on 9/7/18. Love this unit! I don't know if it's always done this or if it's a new issue, but I was trying to adjust the Drive value using the knob on the front of the unit and it doesn't work. It will stutter, as if it tries to change the value, but doesn't. No extension...
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    After all of these years, finally--I've bit the bullet and jumped on board the Fractal train..

    thanks everyone! I appreciate the welcomes and also tips, plus I enjoyed reading your experiences leading up to your path of righteousness. Ok, so I was able to spend a few hours with it last night a bit, and some more really early this morning. I didn't want to stop! Will continue to dive...
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    After all of these years, finally--I've bit the bullet and jumped on board the Fractal train..

    My wife had one job today while I'm at work. Stay home and wait for the delivery. Well, just got notice that the 1st attempt was made and nobody was home. She said that she went out for a few and wouldn't be long... Yeah, so now I have to wait until tomorrow.. THIS HERE, is my luck... LOL!
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    After all of these years, finally--I've bit the bullet and jumped on board the Fractal train..

    I'm really excited. I took advantage of the lower cost that I've been seeing over the past month or so, and said to myself, If I'm going to get in, now is the time. I've been thinking of ways to sell pedals/gear for an Axe FX, and it really didn't matter to me which one. Now, I've never even...
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