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Recent content by Dr. Dipwad

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    Wish More Advanced Pitch Detector

    Ooof. What're we talking about, here? Like, it's 500ms behind? Or 3 seconds? Or 30 seconds?
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    Wish More Advanced Pitch Detector

    Thanks. I think it is possible. The reliability of this kind of tech has really improved in the last decade. Consider the kinds of analysis the Dual and Quad Diatonic pitch shifters have to do in the Pitch block (although that's monophonic). And then think about the various polyphonic...
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    Wish More Advanced Pitch Detector

    An earlier Wish asked for a Pitch Follower range extension; the following includes that idea but goes way beyond it, with more-interesting applications. The Basic Ask I think the Pitch Detector should be able to detect various parameters... (a.) how many notes you are currently playing (i.e...
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    Axe FX III center stage

    Yeah, I wondered if that was who it was. I wasn't entirely sure. (Not joking, this time. I don't keep up with such things much.) And I didn't want to take the time to look up who it was. I figured that the wisecrack would work without that.
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    Axe FX III center stage

    Very nice. If you look carefully, you'll see there's a woman in a skintight suit in the photo, also.
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    So what's the deal with 24 fret guitars

    If I had my 'druthers (as they say), all my guitars would have 23 frets, plus a fretboard end-plate that functionally serves as a 24th fret, just like Jeffrey Earle Terwilliger's guitars did. (He retired, and the various brands calling themselves JET Guitars are not the same guy.) Basically, I...
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    Favorite Coffee

    I'm pretty plebian: Dunkin' Donuts mixed half original blend, half decaf, in a drip coffee maker, with a pinch of salt. But it works for me. I brew a pot of 5 cups (judging by the water; it only comes up to the 4-and-a-half cups on the lines on the pot), and usually I go through it all by 2pm...
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    [SOLVED] My Guitar sounds incredibly fuzzy, flabby, and frankly awful with modern high gain tones - what can I do to fix the sounds?

    Yep, that is specifically not capitalism. At least, not unless you add some modifier which subverts the noun, like "bassackwards capitalism" or "anti-market capitalism," or maybe just "capitalism for flaming a**holes." The whole argument for capitalism, by those that make it, is that it's not a...
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    Suhr double oval inlay

    Reminds me a bit of the logo of the MIB (Men In Black) from the Tommy Lee Jones/Will Smith movies: Other than that? I don't think it signifies anything. Maybe a dropped hula-hoop settling on the ground?
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    New Wave of Classic Rock.

    An Indian-ancestry guy, married to a Venezuelan-ancestry girl, wrote the second one. He says so. Why do you ask? Or was it the first article (I guess it's okay to use that term for a video-essay?) that you're asking about? The problem we have, in discussing the relative merits and quality of...
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    New Wave of Classic Rock.

    Funny, I didn't see any racism at all. I saw a cultural judgment about a genre of music, injudiciously expressed in a way that risks injudicious accusations of racism, by making a negative aesthetic judgment in a sentence adjacent to a sentence containing the word "black" (which was in the...
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    Schecter USA Nick Johnston SSS Demo/Review

    No, no, that's what replacement pickups are for! :p I kid...mostly. But I'd rather have one tone knob and have all the pickups achieve the correct sound for each position of THAT tone knob, rather than using it to balance one against the other. Basically it's a philosophy: I don't want to...
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    Axe FX on a *GASP* Pop/Rock Song

    It DOES sound like a radio hit, and I like the guitar tones, especially at the beginning. (I hear a "She Sells Sanctuary" influence...which I consider a good thing!) My question is, does that "Cali Dream" even exist any more? Is this song an unintentional nostalgia song? I mean, all I hear...
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    NBD - Dingwall NG3 6-string!

    Looking forward to the videos...especially listening to the sounds of the various pickup combinations, and how they interact with a decent amp/cab sound. I know the sound of a J-bass; I know the sound of a P-bass; I know the sound of a 1-pickup Music Man StingRay; and I even know the sound of...
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    What sub-$700 guitar sounds, but doesn't look/weigh, like a Les Paul?

    Thanks for all the input, folks! I think I'll probably settle on a used Schecter Solo-II Custom if I can find one at the right price, and it isn't prohibitively heavy. Seems like that's the best features/quality/price combination that'll have those LP-esque attributes, and I find the headstock...
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