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Recent content by Dr. Dipwad

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    Wish Sequencer : Manual Step

    This would be awesome. +10
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    Y'see, it's that kind of thing that prompted me to include Item #7 in my first post in this thread, a few days back: My guess is that, when an exorcist has to be brought in, it isn't always in conjunction with stuff like that, but that there's a statistically-significant correlation. So...
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    Do you prefer high action?

    This ^^^. A compound radius stainless-frets guitar with low action that's nearly identical in height the whole way up and down the fretboard. I actually like it when, if I play softly, every note is clean, but when I play the wound strings hard, you can hear it not just in the volume, but...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    Re: "No ghosts. There, it's all settled.": There's a lot of sketchy crypto-zoology and ufology out there, as well. Sure, people say they've seen Bigfoot (or the Yeti, or whatever) but there's still no captured specimen after all this time. (And the films and reports can all be otherwise...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    ...continued from preceding post... Now, as I said at the outset, the "T" in A-T stands for "Thomist," as in Thomas Aquinas. St. Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican friar; that is, a Catholic Christian. So, when he arrived at the end of all these steps proving various attributes of the Purely Actual...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    Thanks for your kind reply. :) The best modern intro source on A-T thinking is probably the philosopher Edward Feser, who's a professor at some college in California, and has written a lot of books on various philosophical topics from the A-T perspective. Since "Thomist" (in reference to Thomas...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    Cool! I like Shadiversity, too. 👍
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    (continuing from Part 1, above) The Aristotelian-Thomist view says that "for a living organism, the soul is the form (not shape, but form in the philosophical sense) of the body." A-T affirms the human person as a body-soul composite, in which the soul is the "form" and the body is the...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    @BrienHBrown: Hmm. Yes, and No, and Sort Of. Let me explain... (Once again: most folk will want to skip this, it'll probably be boring. But, you asked. So, if anyone's actually interested, here you go...) My view is my own, but falls under the overall category of Aristotelianism/Thomism...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    Hey, @Muad'zin, I agree with 90% of what you say, here... ...but I hope you won't be offended if I push for additional information, or minor corrections, on two points? (WARNING: I'm about to be pedantic. Probably nobody here gives as much of a crap about this as I do, since it's sort of a...
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    Ghosts? Anyone Ever Experience Unexplained Things?

    Yes. Without going into specifics, yes, these things happen. There are campfire stories, of course, and they can be entertainingly spine-tingling. One suspects that they have grown and been honed in the telling, precisely for a more chilling effect. But I'm talking about things that have no...
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    Gearslutz changed it’s name!?

    It should have stayed the same, precisely because PC is out-of-control. I'm not so much talking about politics, but culture. It literally isn't safe to be a standup comedian touring college campuses any more. Outside the campus "safe zones" there is a little more freedom, but there's constantly...
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    Why is this forum superior to all others?

    I prescind from 007. Permanent Waves. Quark. Dax. and, yes, Mary Ann, hands down.
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    AxeFx III Tri-Chorus vs Dytronics, etc.

    Here's the link to @hippietim's comparison: https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/axe-fx-iii-tri-chorus-vs-fulltone-terc-reprise.138159/
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