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Recent content by dr bonkers

  1. dr bonkers

    Top Ten Principles To Being The Best Guitarist You Can Be

    If I may add some that I have found useful on my journey: 1. Play bass. Once you learn how to hold down to root harmonic content with a marriage to the percussion of a song, then you learn as guitarist how to sail on top of what the rhythm section is doing so that you are not locked into...
  2. dr bonkers

    Gibson ruining yet another acquired brand.

    Yep, I can attest to some of that.
  3. dr bonkers

    Gibson ruining yet another acquired brand.

    I loved the robot tuners. The only downsides I found to them were: A) I like old strings. Once the tuners need to deal with strings over 6 months old, the oxidation would throw off their calibration and snap the strings. B) Gibson sued Tronical, so the future of replacement parts and service...
  4. dr bonkers

    Gibson ruining yet another acquired brand.

    I love Steinberger trans trem. I wish Gibson would sell the tech to someone like Keisel who would do a lot with it. When I blew a tweeter in a K-Rok monitor that I owned and used since 1993, Gibson was most unhelpful. When my Dusk Tiger had the fretboard shrink, they were most unhelpful. The...
  5. dr bonkers

    My 2 Cents: Why Some People think Axe-Fx Doesn't Sound Great

    Here's an fun analogy that people can take any way they like: Glenn Fricker is to YouTube as Jay Mitchell is to TGP.
  6. dr bonkers

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    I captured the cab if you want to get partially there.
  7. dr bonkers

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    I'm very sad to hear this. He was a great guy and a gifted player.
  8. dr bonkers

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.00 Public Beta (Beta 4)

    Cliff has a vintage box of Calgon that he waves at the algorithms, chanting, "Ancient Chinese secret!" Prior to releasing firmware. LoL Either that or he thinks disclosing such info gives up a competitive advantage.
  9. dr bonkers

    What’s the deal with the Quad Cortex?

    I tried it. My two word review: Quaffed Kotex
  10. dr bonkers

    Ace Frehley - Fan-Filmed Video From Solo Show In New York Surfaces

    Okay, the smoking guitar bit at the beginning of Shock Me seemed like a bit that Spinal Tap should have used.
  11. dr bonkers

    Mouse Review

    I'm addicted to trackballs too.
  12. dr bonkers

    Wish Modifier For Tempo subdivisions parameter in all blocks and controllers that have tempo

    Let's get freaky. For example, if I pick hard, then tempo is dotted 1/8 note. Pick soft and note becomes 1/4 note
  13. dr bonkers

    Pultec, Echoplex tape and other gear in IR Player blocks ?

    The difference though is that the Echoplex tape echo preamp has no user variable frequency cuts or boosts. The inherent problem with capturing IR files of mic preamps and EQ units is the gain controls necessitate lots of files to capture the tonal variations. For eq and mic pre units that...
  14. dr bonkers

    Pultec, Echoplex tape and other gear in IR Player blocks ?

    Having an IR pack of a Pultec eq is kind of unwieldy. Do you realize how many permutations of the controls you would need to capture if you don't have one set up in your posession with your settings already dialed in? That's a lot of IR files to go through and would make cab pack single mic...
  15. dr bonkers

    Fair Warning.....

    For me, I love the falling down the stairs solo in One Foot Out the Door. It's such an atmospheric piece only equaled by Crossing Over from the Japanese release of Balance. Fair Warning to me is the ultimate dark Van Halen album. The bass tones and parts on that album are stunning too.
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