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Recent content by dr bonkers

  1. dr bonkers

    Styx Drummer is fantastic

    Original Styx drummer, John Panozzo, passed away in 1996. This drummer does a great job of performing what was composed by Panozzo. This is almost exact to the album, which is pretty awesome.
  2. dr bonkers

    Today I Am Still A Senior Citizen.

    Happy birthday. Awesome pics!
  3. dr bonkers

    New stripped-down Freddie Mercury tune is unearthed from 1985

    This sounds like the song could have been part of the original Highlander soundtrack that Queen did.
  4. dr bonkers

    Insight into the Mesa amps...

    @decreebass another tip for the Mesa Amps is to use a cab ir file or mix that is captured with an Audix D6 mic. The mic itself has a built-in deep mid scoop that jives pretty well with what most people dial out of the mids in a Mesa amp. One Mesa pack that I know features this mic is (all of...
  5. dr bonkers

    Cab / mic cheat sheet

    @toneseeker911 this may help too: https://www.drbonkerssoundlab.com/sound-sample-archive/how-to-avoid-file-choice-overload-when-using-bass-or-guitar-cab-impulse-response-ir-file-packs-or-collections/
  6. dr bonkers

    Great Mike Ness documentary on YouTube

    This is amazing! Thanks for posting!
  7. dr bonkers

    Guitar Center woes

    My advice is to call GC and ask about the freight tracking number and shipping status. If they don't give you that info, ask to speak to a supervisor and keep escalating when the last person is not able to give you a straight answer. Escalation to someone with the actual power to solve the...
  8. dr bonkers

    Forum is faster!

    Easier to read and faster to load. Win-win
  9. dr bonkers

    King's X

    Anyone else going to the August 3rd gig in Newton, NJ? Let me know.
  10. dr bonkers

    Any benefit/need for a DI box/preamp with the AX FX III?

    Really most never need one of those, but if you really like the tone of a Sans Amp or Tone Hammer, then the quickest way to get the tone os to have one. If either of those boxes don't spin your wheels, you definitely don't need them.
  11. dr bonkers

    Bacon Bacon Bacon

    The way I learned to make perfect bacon. Pre-heat your oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Take a cookie sheet pan and line with baking parchment (so it don't stick or burn and for the love of all that's good in the world, wax paper is NOT an equivalent substitute ). Place your bacon down on the...
  12. dr bonkers

    Any benefit/need for a DI box/preamp with the AX FX III?

    The only reason that I would add something like Tone Hammer or Sans Amp in front or in the loop of the Axe-FXII is if I owned either of those units and didn't want to labor to replicate that sound in the Fractal unit. Adding it in the loop gives you more flexibility to turn the Sans Amp or Tone...
  13. dr bonkers

    How about we pool knowledge and understand the Compressor block options better...

    Another use in the studio for compressors, place them after a reverb in ducking mode to get that late 60's or early 70's exploding reverb sound. This effect works best if the reverb block is 100% wet and level of the reverb + compressor chain is run parallel to the rest of the guitar/bass/drum...
  14. dr bonkers

    Stratocaster - Try again? Or punt...

    I had a similar journey with strats. Due to my hand size, I never found the scale comfortable with the chunky necks. I was resigned to having to build a partscaster and was looking for a used cheap guitar to use as a donor body to start the build. On GC's used gear section, I found a Squier...
  15. dr bonkers

    Robert Fripp on Technicality vs. Mastery

    Thanks for this. The more I read of Fripp, the more I agree with his insights. In Jr High, I remember buying an lp of Andy Summers with Robert Fripp, "I Advance Masked". After being blown away by that, I revisited his work with Bowie and Peter Gabriel where I was unaware of Fripp's...
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