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Recent content by don_joe

  1. don_joe

    WTF with Windows 10 Unannounced Updates/Reboots?

    What a coincidence, I just read an article "Why does Windows 10 suck" right before.
  2. don_joe

    Any examples of a bad cab choice?

    It sounds always perfect, already per default.....but no, we just have to look further for some other "perfect" IR. :)
  3. don_joe

    ValhalIR Z-2 Zebra free for 24 hours. RIP Eddie

    Thank you Piing and thank you generous people at Valhallir.at.
  4. don_joe

    Men's fashion for 2020

    No, I mean a suit as a convention, it's so outdated. The most of men wear it, cause the others wear it and "you're supposed to". But the cut is funny and not exactly practical. It's actually close to a straightjacket, it limits you in almost every activity other than sitting or standing around...
  5. don_joe

    Men's fashion for 2020

    If you really think about it, a regular suit isn't much better than that.
  6. don_joe

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    At the end you need a 1 min double bass blast, for the cardio.
  7. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    Sorry guys, I've posted recently more than usual...don't worry I'm not hyperactive but I would just like to share this short story with you, it fits well. This summer, I was talking to some guys from a cover band my wife and I were just listening to, outside a bar on the seaside. And after they...
  8. don_joe

    7 String Classical Guitar

    Sorry, I realized that I've posted this in the wrong forum, it should be under "Guitars". If someone could just easy move it there, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
  9. don_joe

    7 String Classical Guitar

    I'm thinking about buying a 7 string classical guitar. I got so used to 7 strings that I sometimes miss this extra string when I occasionally play a classical guitar. Since I have a 7 string electric guitar, I've moved the action a lot toward this additional B string and I'm not talking only...
  10. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    I got hooked on them too recently, great and creative riffs and an excellent pop singer with the best growls. :) I also like their song The Beauty of Suffering.
  11. don_joe

    All This Downtuning

    And people used to say that rock'n roll was nothing but noise...
  12. don_joe

    Guitar store riffs

    You could play Stairway To Heaven backwards. I think no one would complain.
  13. don_joe

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    You're just a polygamist in the guitar realm. If you enjoy it and bobody's hurt, it's completely ok.
  14. don_joe

    This has to be a joke right?

    It's a fair price cause you can use it not only as a capo.
  15. don_joe

    Single coils, low output for metal?

    I'm too lazy to have separate guitars for different kinds of tones, so I have just one guitar that covers the most of the ground from jazzy-funky over vintage rock to a lot of metal. I was experimenting a bit with different pickups and to my surprise, I found out that the juiciest tones come...
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