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Recent content by DLC86

  1. DLC86

    Tips for single coil presets?

    I think the quickest way to tame the brittleness of single coils is to roll-off the tone knob on the guitar to 5-6. Otherwise try a peq or a drive like a ts808 or similar in front of the amp (my favourite lately has been the ruckus ge) to boost the mids and cut the highs.
  2. DLC86

    How to do this in Axe-Fx III?

    You could also avoid the muting issue by using the layout link function on the FC, if you have enough layouts available to do it. Create 4 layouts with only 3 control switches assigned, each layout excludes the active CS and every CS press takes you to the layout where that particular CS you...
  3. DLC86

    Can the FM3 control the Axe-Fx III?

    Yes, confirmed by greg girardin a couple months ago
  4. DLC86

    FS Fractal Audio FC-6

    Already bought another one in the meantime. Thanks anyway
  5. DLC86

    Wish Looper: "Play Once" option for Rec 2nd Press

    Exactly Yes, that's why I wish for a "play once" option, if it was "once" the second press would just stop the recording without immediately starting the playback. I'll give you a real world example of the application: Listen to Muse's Supremacy 1st solo, it's repeated twice and in the second...
  6. DLC86

    Wish Looper: "Play Once" option for Rec 2nd Press

    In those cases where I'd use this option, no. All I want is to be able to record a loop and play it once using just one switch on the FC and just 2 presses. Multiple presses and "hold" functions distract me from playing.
  7. DLC86

    Wish Looper: "Play Once" option for Rec 2nd Press

    If you want to overdub just select another of the current options
  8. DLC86

    FS Fractal Audio FC-6

    Would you ship it overseas (Italy)? Could you let me know how much for the shipping eventually? Thanks!
  9. DLC86

    Fender Strat -> which amp / cab settings for Rock sounds?

    No it's not that one, it's a new IR that jay shared a couple months ago. See the tgp thread I linked (post #39 in particular)
  10. DLC86

    Fender Strat -> which amp / cab settings for Rock sounds?

    Jay doesn't want people to share it but you can request it directly to him, just send him a PM on TGP. Here's the relative thread: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/ir-properties.2047238/
  11. DLC86

    Fender Strat -> which amp / cab settings for Rock sounds?

    With my strat I usually use the JTM45 jumped model with a ruckus ge in front or the dirty shirley alone, both coupled with the 1x12 far field IR Jay Mitchell recently shared on TGP. Anyway, did you try simply rolling off your guitar tone knob? I think turning it to 6 or 7 goes a long way in...
  12. DLC86

    Wish Looper: "Play Once" option for Rec 2nd Press

    Bump. This little addition would save me a lot of troubles during performances.
  13. DLC86

    AX8 Firmware Version 10.01

    That happened once to me too and I was told it happened cuz I turned off the unit short after I edited something in the settings, a few seconds wait is needed to avoid that. It didn't happen anymore to me after I started using that precaution, maybe that's the reason you experienced that?
  14. DLC86

    Announcing the FM3 Amp Modeler/FX Processor!

    You don't necessarily need to use the hold function to access 4 scenes with 3 switches, you can program them so that the current scene is excluded from the switches assignment as soon as it is loaded
  15. DLC86

    Why Hiwatts cannot easily do the Gilmour thing? ("Shine on" preset included)

    Here you go! Compared to the ax8 version the main difference is the amp model, now I use the hiwatt with preamp parameters copied from the vibroverb ab, I prefer this approach in the axe III to simulate the alembic+hiwatt combo. I tweaked a bunch of other things but can't remember what atm. Let...
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