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Recent content by djlynch

  1. djlynch

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    Maybe its just me. Its seems things are even more articulate. Needs start and stop on command I guess. This firmware makes me want to keep the delay and reverb off if that makes sense lol
  2. djlynch

    OwnHammer Basketweave GNR

    Just bought these and messed around a bit . Very very good . I’m digging the CL folder a lot .
  3. djlynch

    Simulating double tracked guitars

    Haas delay
  4. djlynch

    Get The Funk Out Solo Cover

    Oh yeah!! Subscribed. Great player
  5. djlynch

    Fractal Audio AMP models: CA3+ (Custom Audio Amplifiers 3+ SE)

    I’d start with the master low and gain higher. It’s a preamp and hey tend to like low master . Maybe experiment with an eq before and after amp . Need the right iIR
  6. djlynch

    Underrated or unappreciated amp blocks

    I have been into all the Bogner lately. I feel like they ar IR picky but I like them.
  7. djlynch

    Austin buddy

    If I had his product 3 years ago I probably would not have purchased so many ir’s. If anything I’d buy his pack before any ir’s if that makes sense .
  8. djlynch

    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    Loving that white Kramer
  9. djlynch

    Tubescreamer-But-Not Boosts for Marshall Style Amps.

    Give the RC booster a try
  10. djlynch

    Fractal Sale Wow!!!

    my Black Friday was Xtra Large + good to me. Tee hee Thank you FAS! I’m so happy and yes the built in presets so so much more amazing now .
  11. djlynch

    Heavy rhythm sounds: More amp gain or less amp gain and boost with a drive block?

    I like it both ways depending on the amp. But generally no pedal for da chunka chunka chunka.
  12. djlynch

    Celestion Lead 80's

    I'll just say yes! Great for some bright 80's ala Lynch. They are great
  13. djlynch

    Free IR's and Presets- Fat Head/57 and GB's/V30's

    These are thee best free cabs I have hands down. I love them thanx!
  14. djlynch

    Hey dude. I just bought the DS Ir's and paypal was using my old email nadarat@msn.com can you...

    Hey dude. I just bought the DS Ir's and paypal was using my old email nadarat@msn.com can you send the download link to danilejlynch70@gmail.com
  15. djlynch

    Getting that hard hitting bark from JCM800...

    and crank the MV and and maybe some other knobs
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