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Recent content by djidoe

  1. djidoe

    5 Minute Tones

    Very cool Mr Todd !
  2. djidoe

    Adjusting levels on the fly

    As previously and politely asked for AxeFX3/FC6-12, the Vol Inc/Dec per Scene was a controller we were having in AxeFX2/MFC101. I hope we will see come back soon for our great AxeFX3/FC6-12. I think this is what you need.
  3. djidoe

    Rack Suggestions for Axe-Fx III

    I think the weakest point in all branded low-cost rackmount (think Gator) are the latches. If you're giggin a lot, choose a rack with high quality latches. I choose a local rackmount maker who made hi-quality rackmount with hi-quality latches.
  4. djidoe

    FC Features Notes for Firmware 5.07

    Please Matt, could you elaborate ?
  5. djidoe

    FC Features Notes for Firmware 5.07

    Hi ! Is the new firmware finally allow to assign switches of the FC to Scene Volume Increase and Scene Volume Decrease ?
  6. djidoe

    MIDI mystery - Output 1 Vol Inc and Dec

    I’m patiently waiting this function to be accessible with fc6 and fc12... Very useful on gigs...
  7. djidoe

    Wish : Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls

    If the FC6/12 switches could transmit midi messages it would be easy to assign any control to them... could be an idea ?
  8. djidoe

    Wish : Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls

    Hi, I cannot find this request so I'm asking officially for it. Is it possible to implement Scene Volume Incr/Decr controls for FC6/12 please ?
  9. djidoe

    Video - FC-12 - Quick Look | Default Layouts | EZ Switch Editing

    Thanx unix, but AMP is not what I want, I want SCENE Output 1 Volume Incement/Decrement.
  10. djidoe

    Video - FC-12 - Quick Look | Default Layouts | EZ Switch Editing

    Many thanks for you video ! Do someone know if there is a way to link a switch of the FC12 to Output 1 Volume Incement/Decrement ? Or use an external switch to do the same thing ?
  11. djidoe

    50's Chuck Berry

    Les Paul using both pickups... switch at center !
  12. djidoe

    50's Chuck Berry

    Hi, this a try on a preset from Heizi (made for AxeFX2) here is for AxeFX3 ! Open to comments ! And here is the preset !
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