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Recent content by Dizzy Fingers

  1. Dizzy Fingers

    Wish Wish List: New Amps

    As I said before, I’m really happy with what the axe fx3 and what’s in it. But I’ll play along for fun.... Silvertone 1485(it’s a bit of a strange one... dual transformers and all! Lol) Wizard modern classic 2 (own it and love it! Kind of like a Marshall and a hiwatt had a baby) Marshall major...
  2. Dizzy Fingers

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests

    I like them all! I will say that I own both a dr103 and a dr504 and when at low volume... they sound almost the same. But just like a 50w and 100w plexi , once turned up a bit are quite different.... all be it from the same blood line! Man .... I just love them all tho. The Page one would be...
  3. Dizzy Fingers

    Post Axe-Fx III Launch ... Amp Model Requests

    Man , so many great amps in the box already! But it is a wish list so.... Silvertone 1485 Wizard modern classic 2 Marshall major Magnatone 213 and 214 Hiwatt dr504 But man.... I’ve been very happy with my axe3 and touring with my ax8. :)
  4. Dizzy Fingers

    Two 412 cabs stacked or side by side?

    I definitely prefer side by side. I like the feel of it rumbling under my feet. Also, I like the stereo imaging when using stereo effects and.... like others have mentioned the high end beam isn’t ripping your head off!
  5. Dizzy Fingers

    Looking for a Good Amp / Preset for Rockabilly Sound

    So true that a lot comes from the guitar ! But to nail that sound you need a short slap back echo (echo plex style) usually 150ms or so will get you in the ball park.
  6. Dizzy Fingers

    Blues time with Comet amp

    Great amp, great tone...and great playing!
  7. Dizzy Fingers

    Running Backline

    For what it’s worth.... I do almost all fly dates and I’m at the mercy of backline. Honestly, if they have decent monitors I will go direct and do my best to always skip using the twin or whatever else they have provided. It has made my gigging life soooo much easier , and every foh guy always...
  8. Dizzy Fingers

    Looking for opinions on Strat pups

  9. Dizzy Fingers

    Tone Match Problem

    Awesome! I had the exact same phase/doubling sound problem when trying to match one of my guitar sounds from pro tools. Looking forward to the answer!
  10. Dizzy Fingers

    Why does getting blood tests require a doctor??

    Wow! That just seems crazy to have to pay for blood tests. We are lucky on some things up here in Canada... some things , not so lucky. I guess no system is perfect.
  11. Dizzy Fingers

    FAS Brown + 10 = Wow

    I agree.... great sounding amp model!
  12. Dizzy Fingers

    Pickups: Direct mounted or Ring/Bezel Mounted?

    There is a slight difference. Direct mount tends to be stiffer or “harder” with a bit more focus. With humbuckers,I tend to use whichever one helps enhance the sound of the body. In other words... if it’s a real dense piece of wood I will use bezels and if it’s a lighter piece of wood ,that is...
  13. Dizzy Fingers

    Why does everything I play sound muddy?

    You have some fantastic gear! Definitely post a recording of a sound you think is muddy , and one you think has excessive string noise.
  14. Dizzy Fingers

    Fractal AX8 protector film

    Man... I’m in the middle of a festival tour. Every night before bed I wipe down and clean my ax8. I would be happy with a more full clear cover that stops dust from getting in all the nooks and spaces around the knobs. Lol. I will say this though I had 3 Meyer sound wedges all to myself...
  15. Dizzy Fingers

    2U Axe-Fx III?

    Most probably.... no. A lot of people wanted a color screen and they delivered. Would be a lot of cost and work to put another unit out.
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