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    Axe-Fx II Firmware 17.00 Released

    Thanks again Cliff/Fractal !!!
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    FX8 Update

    This is great news!!
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    Slightly saddened by Guthrie... Again.

    Next video he'll be using an FX-8 on the loop of his amps! :)
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    Ok. I'll start Wish list

    My wish list for the FX-8 would be for it to have a cab block too, to be able to load an acoustic IR for violin type sounds using the synth(assuming the synth is included), also having the cab block would be nice to make a patch using the drives to have as a backup solution in case your tube amp...
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    Getting close to my favorite Leslie / Rotary sound [UPDATED]

    Another leslie pedal that sounds pretty decent (at least in the demos) is the GSI Burn, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtCAJjECfnM ) keyboard player I'm working with is getting one to compare to the Neo.
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    Welcome to the new FX8 General Discussion Area

    My plan is to use both tube amps, and AXE II. Have been using the AXE II/MFC direct to FOH for a long time and it works/sounds great, but for some gigs I've been doing with a different band where the music doesn't require hardly any effects I've been using my Carol Ann Tucana 3 amp, so the FX-8...
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    "Adam Holdsworth" Clean Chorus Sound 1.0

    Just saw a picture on Allan's FB page where he seems to be using those old Yamaha DG amps again.. strange, over the years quite a few nice Allan patches/recordings have been posted at this forum that prove the AXE can get very close to his sound..I imagined he'd have an Axe FX by now.. I used to...
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    MAC DAW recommendations....

    Like it's been said GarageBand is a nice program to get started with, I used to use Pro Tools, and Digital Performer, now just use Digital Performer ( Pro Tools is good, but I hate Avid.. :) ) Logic is very nice and a great deal these days, and it comes with some decent free Plug In...
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    In-ear monitor recommendations?

    I've been using a MIPRO In Ear System for a few years, tons of gigs, never an issue, most other guys in the band use the SHURE PSM 900, the MIPRO system is much cheaper, but nothing wrong with the SHURE 900s..
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    pykmax... wth?

    So I received my PYKmax pick.. and quickly it went to the never to be used again picks pile.. :) Unless you have a major problem dropping picks I don't see any benefit at all for this pick.. it doesn't sound that great (got the 1 mm one) and makes you hold the pick in a strange angle (in my...
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    pykmax... wth?

    It looks like a lot of thought went into building that pick holder, so maybe it offers something.. I don't know, i don't mind supporting creating people whenever i can.. it's fairly cheap. I've tried so many picks and always end up using Fender Extra heavies 99% of the time :)
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    pykmax... wth?

    I think for 15 bucks it's worth a try.. I've spent a lot more then that in useless picks in the past.. :)
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    What is the 'Cool News Coming Tomorrow'? (Today)

    I'd guess some hardware unit, maybe FX-8 or something else.. whatever it is I'm sure it will be cool !!
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    You must see this!!!!

    I thought the same exact thing :) Nothing really new..
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    Looking For a Cheap Foot Controller

    Tech 21 Midi Mouse
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