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  1. diggi


    well, I can't seem to adjust the AX8's LCD contrast. I read the manual and followed the instruction to find this function, but no joy. I can't even get to the "option" to adjust contrast (or brightness for that matter) Can anyone test this on their own AX8 and let me know if you succeed?
  2. diggi

    Communication failure

    Make SURE you have v11 (not v11b) running. That's what fixed it for me, instantly.
  3. diggi

    Communication failure

    Yep, ensuring I had 11 (not 11b) installed fixed it. Crash log told me so!! Feeexed!!
  4. diggi

    Communication failure

    Me too, on MC Pro - latest version of ML. No hub....
  5. diggi

    AxeCabManager - a new utility for Axe-FX II users

    Guys, make a donation. While I don't think it's good for other companies to come here announcing and advertising (for sale) their goods and wares, this was donated to us without expectation of financial compensation - and that always gets my instant respect. Thanks for NOT trolling for dollars...
  6. diggi

    Want to buy a Computer to use with the Axe Fx II?

    I build Mac clones for friends and FAS users/ forum members- not laptops however :(
  7. diggi

    NL12 Neolight ( 17lb ) are in stock ready for shipping

    More info available at: NL12 Neolight Cab :: Matrix My best regards Matt Is this your company and product?
  8. diggi

    Tips for "Growly" Bass?

    I use this and love it.
  9. diggi

    KrK monitors & EQ

    Start by making several of these: http://youtu.be/iyYUpkpL0gwhttp://youtu.be/iyYUpkpL0gw Put as many as you can in your vertical corners (horizontal corners are good too) Let me know if I can help you (or anyone else) with room issues. I'm happy to help!
  10. diggi

    High Gainers - safe to move from 9.02 - 11?

    Thanks guys. Again, I'm not interested in v10 at the moment - just wanted to see if anyone had gone from v9.02 - straight to v11 without losing that "something" v9.02 had for high gain rhythms. Excellent feed back gents!
  11. diggi

    High Gainers - safe to move from 9.02 - 11?

    I dialed back to 9.02 after I tried v10. The sounds I achieved in 9.02 were just more to my liking at the time, especially for chunky, tight rhythm sounds (and feel). Has anyone made the jump from 9.02 to 11 whilst bypassing 10 all together? I know there will be many who'd like to...
  12. diggi

    Why all the Metal??????

    In all seriousness, I ate a ritz cracker.
  13. diggi

    Logic Pro X released today. I knew it was coming.

    For $200.00 this is a STEAL (for new users). Space Designer and Delay Designer are easily worth twice that on their own. Too bad you can only use them in Logic. For the prosumer however (who's been waiting 4 years for this release), it is an unabashed slap in the face. PT10, then PT11.
  14. diggi

    My name is Burgs. I am a newbie. I need help with PT aggregate setup, please.

    Make sure the output on your Axe is set to USB (if that wasn't mentioned already) :)
  15. diggi

    Oh what an Idiot I am

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