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    Guitar Cab sim plug for Universal Audio Luna?

    is there a CabLab section?
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    Guitar Cab sim plug for Universal Audio Luna?

    I am a pro level guitarist and songwriter with a pro level home studio. I use the Fractal Axe FX III for recording all guitars of course! I like to put the cab in an insert in Luna using CabLab, however, in Luna, you have to have ARM enabled to avoid significant latency when recording. Which...
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    Line 6 vs Helix Floor vs Fractal Axe FX III

    That was what I assumed. However, I was quit surprised to learn from a sales person at Sweetwater who allegedly services Mastodon that they use the Helix live.....
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    Has this been released? When is it available?

    I'd love to have this little guy for traveling. I can't tell from this site if it's been released yet or not. Has it? If yes, why is it never available for purchase? If not, when is it expected to come out?
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    Line 6 vs Helix Floor vs Fractal Axe FX III

    I've been a HUGE Fractal Axe FX III fan. That said, I've been surprised to keep hearing well known guitarists also recommend the Line 6 Helix Floor unit which supposedly has their flagship best modeling and effects. Am very curious to hearing from anyone here whose owned both. Which has the...
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    Where are presets saved?

    Great thanks!
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    Where are presets saved?

    I'm moving, and realized that I did NOT export all of the presets from Axe-Edit on my laptop while it was connected to my Fractal Axe FX III. Does this matter? After I move, I will be using a NEW laptop with a NEW version of Axe-Edit III. My question is, are all the custom presets saved in my...
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    Cab Lab Plugin vs. CabLab standalone app

    I'm using Universal Audio Apollo x6 with Luna their new DAW. The problem I'm running into is that if there are ANY plugins enable during recording there is unavoidable latency with Luna. Even if I disable all plugins expect the CabLab plugin to provide speaker emulation for the Fractal on a...
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    How access Fractal User Cabs from within Cab Lab 3 Plugin

    ok. so if you want for example the stock user Recto cabs in the Fractal in Cab Lab 3....you can buy them at Fractal?
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    How access Fractal User Cabs from within Cab Lab 3 Plugin

    See above...I would prefer NOT to have the fractal attached to the Mac I'm using to record with so I need all cab IRs that come stock with the Fractal I guess in a folder on the Mac from which to access with the Cab Lab 3 plugin. I'm able to load 3rd party cabs that I purchased, but the User...
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    Using Cab-Lab 3 Plug-In with Universal Audio Luna

    So....the plug in shows up but when I open it in inserts, I get an error message that it can not be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software..how do I get past this?
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    Yek's Guides-need guide for blocks other than Amp and Drive

    I've found Yek's Amp and Drive Guide's invaluable. I would like the same for the other effects pedals. I can't find one by him. Is there one by Yek or someone else? Also a speaker guide would be helpful. Any recommendations on guides, particularly one's that like Yek's tell you which artist...
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    Preset Suggestions for Fender Telecaster Acoustisonic

    What is the best recommendation for amp block etc on the grid to emulate an acoustic guitar amp?
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    Best Way On with Fractal Block to simulate an octive pedal?

    not a trick question. What is a 'virtual capo' ?
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