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Recent content by deweime

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    FM3 Now Shipping

    I was 2:53 on 4/23.....hopeful :)
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    FM3 Now Shipping

    I was just tempted to post a date in May saying just got the invite and ordered........walked away from the keyboard
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    I had a Sobering Experience Last Night

    This overall matches what I have seen - when one guitarist is playing a modeler (even the best one around) and the other has a cranked tube amp, the difference is very noticeable. As a guitarist and an audience member.
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    X-LOAD LB-2 Reactive Load Box now available

    I have an OX which is simply spectacular. It has different capabilities/uses than the LB-2. The LB-1 is likely the fairer comparison.
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    I/O question

    It's an interesting question - I also have an 18i20 and was considering the same thing. Focusrite control is really useful with setting the mixes for mic'd amps, an OX1, and also my outputs from the Axe-Fx. Not sure if the III will have all that functionality but would love to see it.
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    Presenting... The Axe-Fx III

    Please, please include software so the III can be used as a DAW plugin (with hardware attached).
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    Decisions....tube or solid state power amp?

    I really liked the VHT 2/90/2 I had for live use - sounded great and left power amp sims on in the Axe-Fx. Got a Matrix because of the weight but the tone compared unfavorably to the Fryette so I got rid of it. Now running the Carvin power amp previously mentioned and it is great. A neutral...
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    Multiple cabs with Power Amp via FX Loop

    Right, using the FX Loop outs because I don't want the cab block when going to the power amp and cab....I will try these suggestions this weekend and post back. I believe I have the Channel 2 L/R to the Fryette and channel 1 to FOH now. Thanks, Dan
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    Multiple cabs with Power Amp via FX Loop

    Ok, thanks - will work that aspect.
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    Multiple cabs with Power Amp via FX Loop

    Hello Everyone - I have a patch that splits off after the Amp Block to a GEQ and then FX Loop. I have the 2 FX Loop sends connected to channels of the power amp (Fryette 2/90/2) with each output connected to a dedicated cab. I only get output on 1 of the channels. Is there something I need to...
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    Axe into DAW

    I ended up moving to a focusrite scarlett 18i20 audio interface (USB) to the DAW. The the Axe outputs come into that. This allows one to take mic'd amps, dry guitar signal, Axe-Fx modeling output and record any or all of them at the same time. Much happier this way and a lot of flexibility.
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    Black Peral Jam Preset

    Great - thank you very much for posting this.
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    Black Peral Jam Preset

    What is the best cab for this? Seems to point to User:472 after import....
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    AX8 Recording

    Any suggestions on which audio interface (and output for that matter)? I use my Axe-Fx/USB output to computer all the time but of course this will be a little different.
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    AX8 Recording

    Hello Everyone - What approach are people using to record the AX8? Essentially sending the output into GarageBand... Thanks, Dan
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