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Recent content by Detch

  1. Detch

    FM3 Fan issues after Cygnus

    So I've heard fan as well! FM3 was on, I wasn't playing.
  2. Detch

    Deathcore mix, Angle Severe 1 + Ownhammer

    Yea, it's metal again :) Recently I finished mixing this track. For re-amp I used Angle Severe 1 model + Ownhammer HHC II 412 EDVH with V30 cab which is EVH 5150 III 4x12 cabinet DI files were good but had some low-end mud issue so I used two filters at the beginning of the chain: With...
  3. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    yep old works fine.
  4. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    Been stress testing FW9 for around 10 minutes. Usually, that's more than enough to get around 5 crashes. With I had no crash so far. That looks very very good. Will test more.
  5. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    Unfortunately, beta is not stable for me :( still crashes, maybe not that often but it's hard to compare
  6. Detch

    Really, really hoping Q9 fixes the Axe-Edit timeout issues

    I hear ya @Velokki, the same story here. Crash every 5 minutes. there was solution of switching to integrated video adapter. This doesn't work for me 'cause I have no integrated GPU, only Geforce GTX760 I did notice that if keeping axe-fx cpu low, under 50%, it reduces crash frequency. So my...
  7. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    thanx for the update, man. What are those CUDA drivers, something special or regular driver updates?
  8. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    So this works only if you have integrated GPU In my case I don't have it. It's nVidia only :(((((
  9. Detch

    Constant communication timed-out

    Many of us. There are several threads about it
  10. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    Just wanted to share a little workaround. As I mentioned earlier, I noticed that it crash less when CPU usage is low. So I edited my patches to minimise CPU hit. Leaving only Amp, cab and distortion modules. I use it in the studio for re-amping so it works for me. Worth to keep it in mind. The...
  11. Detch

    Communication timeout problem with Q.8

    one of the best news of the summer despite it's over! I wonder what's causing it
  12. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    I noticed that it crashes more often when Axe FX CPU usage is more than 73%
  13. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    update. It still crashes. Not that often but.
  14. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    Let us know how it'll work for you. And one more thing, I set AXE midi chanel to 16
  15. Detch

    Axe Edit constant crashes

    OK here is update. I changed hardware, motherboard, processor, and ram. I changed USB cable Tried all USB slots on the new motherboard, though I knew it is a totaly useless. No surprise - the issue still there For once again I tried to use different MIDI ports on the AXE Turned off ASUO Guard...
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