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Recent content by desaster66

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    Increment/decrement volume of selected Scene per FC switch

    I am suprised not to found such wish. It would be more usefull than increment/decrement the amp vol. how it is implemented yet. Then we could fast change the volume by an exact value at live situations step by step. It would be optimized if it would possible to define which output Block (1-4)...
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    Wish Metronome Block

    Yes, this would be fine - please make it possible to start/stop metronom with FC.
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    Wish Ability to exclude blocks from scene changes?

    Ok, thanks for this possible solution - I will try it. But surely it would be easier by the other way.
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    Wish Ability to exclude blocks from scene changes?

    Another example for such function: If I have a pitch block in one preset to tune down -1 sometimes. I could enable/disable it with a "per preset switch" like a stomp box. So long as I don´t change the preset the status of the pitch block would be remained independent which scene I select. That...
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    Implemented Metronome

    Please, develop a metronome block or something like this as in the Axe Fx II. It was a fine practice tool.
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    Implemented Metronom

    Does the III really not provide a Metronom? This was nice tool for practice in the II. In the wiki I found such comment "The Axe-FX III does not provide a metronome."
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