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Recent content by decreebass

  1. decreebass

    Axe-Fx III - worth the upgrade?

    If you can resist the GAS, then you're a better man than I. It's a fantastic unit, but if you have tone that you love in a unit you know how to use well, I say don't bother.
  2. decreebass

    Annoying problem; bug? Wah block content (NOT resolved)

    Yeah, I'm tracking that lol. I'm not interested in anything that involves changing settings based on what's plugged in. I think Yek's advice worked; I just have to load the initial preset, then change presets, then change back (since with the PC Reset, it doesn't seem to count powering on as a...
  3. decreebass

    Annoying problem; bug? Wah block content (NOT resolved)

    @yek - nope; didn't work. Can you post the preset as it's configured for you? The PC Reset set to "On" gives me the same results; with no cable connected, the Wah Block is on and fully engaged. Edit: wait... it seems if I change presets and then return to one with the Wah, then it's off. I...
  4. decreebass

    Annoying problem; bug? Wah block content (NOT resolved)

    Okay - I’ll try that when I get home. So when you unplugged your EV and turned the Axe back on, the Wah was defaulted to off? That’s promising. Thanks!
  5. decreebass

    Annoying problem; bug? Wah block content (NOT resolved)

    @Bakerman - Sorry, it doesn't work. I changed the control in the block to "External 2," left the initial value of External 2 at 0%, and changed External 2's control to be FC1 Pedal 1. It just doesn't work. When you turn the Axe III off, unplug the cable, then turn it on, the Wah block continues...
  6. decreebass

    Annoying problem; bug? Wah block content (NOT resolved)

    @Bakerman thanks, but none of that solved my problem. Anyone else? I can't possibly be the only one who has a Wah block controlled by the EV1 who doesn't take it everywhere I take the Axe... Regardless, the Wah block should default to "off" if there is no expression pedal connected. This is...
  7. decreebass

    Possible to load a layout with preset?

    @Rex I think it's close enough... Now I'm able to set it up so the switch in View 2 that goes to my main "meat & potatoes" preset automatically reverts to View 1, which is more or less what I wanted anyway. EDIT: Got it - I just assigned the preset up/down to the same function as the toggle...
  8. decreebass

    Possible to load a layout with preset?

    Hmm. The link only seems to work for the switch in general, not just the preset... Looks like it may not be possible. That said, I do find that useful for one other thing I need, so I appreciate the direction; you did save me some tap dancing :D Maybe I'll add this to the wish list...
  9. decreebass

    Possible to load a layout with preset?

    Basically, I need to tap dance a little less with my FC6; I'm hoping to be able to be in View 2 of a layout which has my Preset toggle up/down switches, but when I land on a particular preset using those foot switches, I'd like it to return to View 1 automatically; not for every one, mind you...
  10. decreebass

    Why on earth Axe III Edit has quite a different user interface for Amp Block than the hardware?

    Interesting. I've never used the Definition parameter - most likely because it's NOT in Axe Edit III lol!!
  11. decreebass

    Wish Dedicated Virtual Capo Block

    +1 It's the only pitch effect I use lol!
  12. decreebass

    Wish Looper Block Exempt from Scene Volume in Output Block

    I was perplexed yesterday when I recorded a loop in one scene, switched to another scene to solo over it, and the volume of the loop dropped significantly. I couldn't figure out why this was until I realized that I normalize my scene volumes in the Output block. Anyway, it would be fantastic to...
  13. decreebass

    Annoying problem; bug? Wah block content (NOT resolved)

    UPDATE: changing the default position per the manual as suggested by @yek didn't work. There are no other possible options that might affect the default value of the wah block that I can see. It works fine when the EV1 is plugged into pedal 1 on my FC6, but as soon as I go to practice and don't...
  14. decreebass

    Axe-Fx III: Changing Scenes, stomp pedal, or anyhing you want with FCB1010 (No UnO chip)

    @HetsRightHand Thank you so much! I appreciate you letting me know how much they helped you :) Yeah, when I got my Axe Fx III, I also got my FCB1010 at the same time. I had NEVER even touched MIDI. So I was learning MIDI, the Axe Fx III, and the FCB1010 all at the same time. Trial by fire, tell...
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