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Recent content by deakle

  1. deakle

    Iron Maiden, Caught Somewhere in Time, w/ FM9s

    @Art_Vandelay You guys sound fantastic! I am a huge Iron Maiden fan having seen them live many, many times. Your harmony leads are spot on and your bass player and drummer have the rhythm down. Your singer is a beast!
  2. deakle

    Mac Studio or MacBook Pro?

    By other things, I mean just internet use, viewing the forum, that sort of thing.
  3. deakle

    Mac Studio or MacBook Pro?

    I am considering upgrading my current Mac Mini to either a Mac Studio using the M1 chip or a MacBook Pro also running the M1 chip. It would be or home recording only. I currently utilize Logic Pro X for all my recording and a Presonus Faderport 8 controller as well as a Universal Audio Apollo...
  4. deakle

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 20.01

    Is there a 20.01 video in the works @2112 ?
  5. deakle

    Help please, no output

    So I have it now. @ApocalypticKatana thanks for the headphone suggestion. I tried my Shure's and everything works. I looked at my Blue Ella's to see what was up and noted that I had left them turned on and ran the battery dead. Back in business! Thanks guys!
  6. deakle

    Help please, no output

    Factory presets yes, Physical output knob turned up. Different guitars same result.
  7. deakle

    Help please, no output

    I should mention I am playing through headphones, plugged direct into the Axe and have tried different guitars with the same result.
  8. deakle

    Help please, no output

    Hello, was looking for some peer check help. I have no output from my Axe III. I checked the setup page and have the input and outputs turned up there. But every preset there is no output. I can see my input LED move when strumming so I know it is receiving signal from the guitar. What else can...
  9. deakle

    Green Day - Basket case

    Thank you!
  10. deakle

    Green Day - Basket case

    My absolute favorite Green Day tune! Well played sir! If you don’t mind me asking, what preset were you using? Nailed Billie Joe’s tone!
  11. deakle

    This Is Spinal Tap sequel confirmed for 2024 with original cast

    The spontaneously combusting drummers was classic!
  12. deakle

    This Is Spinal Tap sequel confirmed for 2024 with original cast

    I loved the original! The humor was outstanding yet you kind of need to be a musician to get it. I hope the sequel lives up to the original.
  13. deakle

    5 Minute Tones

    Very, very nice! Thanks for this 5 Minute Tones! I was just looking for something like this.
  14. deakle

    Blue on Black

    Nice job @CipherHost! This my all time favorite KWS tune!
  15. deakle

    Sustain Maniac Preset

    I’m looking for feedback. I’ll give this a look see.
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