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Recent content by Deadpool_25

  1. Deadpool_25

    Can the FM3 change a real amps ch's in the 4cm?

    Mini Amp Gizmo isn't sold anymore is it? Suhr just came out with that one mentioned above, and Mesa just came out with one as well.
  2. Deadpool_25

    Deadpool’s FM3 Review

    Another day, I noticed there was some hum on output 2 as well. Seems to change day to day. I ended up putting an Ebtech Hum Eliminator in the mix and all the noise seems to be completely gone now. I'm still running output 1 to my monitors via XLR if I decide to use my amps FX loops instead, I...
  3. Deadpool_25

    Can you copy and paste a block from the FM3 front panel?

    I know you can easily from FM3 Edit. Just don't see it as an option on the front panel. I don't see it in the manual, though I didn't dig too deep.
  4. Deadpool_25

    Wish Acoustic Simulation

  5. Deadpool_25

    Wish Three Track Looper

    Would love if the looper supported Three (or more) independent looper tracks Tracks synced (optionally unsynced) Tracks could be different lengths (multiples of the first track, I.E. .25x, .5x, 1x, 2x, etc.) Each track with independent Rec/Play and Stop controls, each able to be assigned to an...
  6. Deadpool_25

    5150 III 50W vs Kemper vs FM3

    Hah. I mentioned the feel earlier in the post. Yes the feel is right there too!
  7. Deadpool_25

    5150 III 50W vs Kemper vs FM3

    I recently checked out an EVH 5153 50w EL34. It sounded really good and I was tempted. Instead of buying that I came home and ran my FM3 into my Invective’s FX loop. I literally laughed out loud because the FM3 setup (with the EVH models) sounded at least as good as, maybe better than, the real...
  8. Deadpool_25

    Deadpool’s FM3 Review

    Update: GAS was starting to mess with me again. I went to GC and played through an EVH 5150 III 50w EL34 head into a Marshall 4x12. First I tried a PRS Silver Sky into the clean channel and it was surprisingly good. I didn’t think I’d like the clean that much. Next I switched to the rhythm...
  9. Deadpool_25

    Line 6 POD Go vs FM3

    @mischi_90 Do you still have a real amp with an FX loop? If so, try running theguitar into the Go and Go straight into the FX loop. See if that sounds better to you. Transitioning from an amp/cab to a modeler/monitors can be difficult for some people.
  10. Deadpool_25

    Looper questions

    Hit record, then hit record again? Not sure that's right. Try hitting record, play your guitar, hit play.
  11. Deadpool_25

    SOLVED: FM3 as interface?

    Thanks I figured it out. I actually don't need a patch at all (so basically an empty grid). I set the input channels in the plugin to IN 3 and 4, and the output channels to OUT 1 and 2.
  12. Deadpool_25

    SOLVED: FM3 as interface?

    Any help with killing the direct signal in the FM3?
  13. Deadpool_25

    SOLVED: FM3 as interface?

    Okay thanks. I took me a couple of updates but seems to be working now. Next question... My setup: Guitar into FM3 input 1. Output 1 connected to monitors (HS7s) USB from FM3 to iMac I'm running the plugins in standalone mode--not through a DAW. On the FM3 I have a patch setup with just...
  14. Deadpool_25

    SOLVED: FM3 as interface?

    Figured it out. See post #7. So I'm wanting to (occasionally) use the FM3 as an interface with my NDSP plugins. How do I set that up? I can see the signal getting into the plugin, but the sound isn't getting from the plugin back through the FM3 and into the monitors. FM3 is connected to the...
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