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  1. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Yep. The older packs had the minimum phase versions added later. The later packs only have minimum phase versions.
  2. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Impulse Responses

    Hi Dave, good to see you here. :) The Minimum Phase folder has the same IRs as the main folders but with minimum phase applied. Update 2 and 3 folders have completely new additions though they are all minimum phase processed. Apologies for not being clear on this. Best, Tim
  3. Deadpan

    Vendor [LRS] Plexi 100 High with BE EL34 IR Video - Amazing

    A short video of the Plexi 100 High model with an IR from this pack: https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  4. Deadpan

    Vendor LRS - Amp Tones EL34 Based JCM900 IR Test Free :)

    Hi All, We have been working to expand our BE EL34 Experience IR pack. Saw on here recently where some were looking for JCM900 tone. This IR was created as a match to our 1990 JCM900 mkiii 2500. Let us know what you think! Best, Tim https://livereadysound.com/product/be-experience/
  5. Deadpan

    Wish A 12AT7-like tube in preamp selection section

    Let's add one in the phase inverter. :)
  6. Deadpan

    Marshall JCM 900's and 2000's - Why are these never emulated in modelers?

    I have a 2500 JCM900 and a JCM2000 DSL100. Both are really good amps and great at what they do.
  7. Deadpan

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    Merry Christmas!
  8. Deadpan

    List of sellers of Axe-Fx III presets

    Some specialty IRs at www.livereadysound.com
  9. Deadpan

    [LRS] Black Friday Sale - Happy Thanksgiving All!!!

    Hi All! Hope everyone has a great holiday. 30% off site wide with code: thanks30 https://livereadysound.com
  10. Deadpan

    Halloween Sale at LiveReadySound.com!

    Hi All, A very rare Site Wide sale. Code is good through the weekend! halloween30 Enjoy!
  11. Deadpan

    IR recommendations

    Try this one for free then shop around :) https://livereadysound.com/product/west-coast-drive/
  12. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Who likes Free IRs? Take a Test Drive: West Cost Drive

    Great! Appreciate you stopping in with the report. Yeah, this IR isn't the ordinary V30 IR. :) Reports keep coming in that these work fantastically well for cleans and gains. The Jimi H pack is unique and really captures the feel of that time.
  13. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Who likes Free IRs? Take a Test Drive: West Cost Drive

    Stop by the site and pickup the IR. On sale for $0.00!!! :) https://livereadysound.com/product/west-coast-drive/ Then stop back and let me know what you think. The evolution of the impulse response, crafted. With our beautiful collection of EL34 based amps we will be creating and extended...
  14. Deadpan

    [LiveReadySound] Crafted IR Experiment

    Hi All, We continue to evolve our approach to IRs and always seek user experience to help spark the next step of development. We are not concerned with making perfect reproductions of a speaker, rather we like to create an experience. No tone is right or wrong we just like to create something...
  15. Deadpan

    LiveReadySound BE EL34 Experience Axe III Playthrough

    Hi All! A sweet highlight playthrough from a friend of the forum using the IRs in stock presets.
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