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Recent content by davidevo

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    Guitarists and triggering samples

    I believe the Cymatic Audio LP-16 will work for this. It’s made to work without a PC. Check it out! 🎸
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    After 10+ years of wanting one, I finally pulled the trigger!

    Great story and welcome to best forum ever! Truly a Merry Christmas for you! 🛍🎸🤘
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    Merry Christmas

    Wonderful playing! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎊
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    Took the Black November Plunge !!

    Very cool! What power amp are you looking at for the AXE III?
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    Thanks for your suggestions-I finally pulled the trigger!

    Awesome! Sounds like you’re ready to go. This forum is so helpful, and even Cliff chimes in all the time. I also have the AXE III with the FC-12. Very happy!
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    Blowing the fuse on the AX8

    Hello, another member recently had his AX8 apart to replace a broken USB plug, which had to be soldered into one of the circuit boards. I PM'd him to find out about the presence of any fuses, and he does not remember seeing any fuses on any circuit boards inside of the AX8. I would contact...
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    Input Jack stopped working

    I would find someone local, like a known good electronic repair shop and have them solder in a new jack assy. This does take some good soldering skills to replace a jack like this on a circuit board. Someone posted a USB jack replacement recently. At about 6:50 on the video you can see the input...
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    AX8 Presets & Live Clips

    Really love the song Leon! Well done Ragdoll! Dave
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    AX8 / Carvin Legacy 3 with MIDI ???

    Hello, yes, this is very doable. Here's a YouTube video which covers pretty much everything you need to know: Have a great day! Dave
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    Question About Switching Presets

    Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it!
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    Question About Switching Presets

    Does the delay and reverb tails decay without being cut off when you change presets? Thanks in advance. Dave
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    Ax 8 and Pricing

    Good idea that you're purchasing your AX8 from Fractal, as the warranty in not transferable from the original owner (whether new or used condition). Also, when you purchase from Fractal, you will have the opportunity to buy the extended 3 year warranty for $129.99, which is a good deal I think...
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    Live concert stream yesterday. AX8 direct

    Awesome sound and video Larry! Thank you! Dave
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    Recording with the AX8 (PC)

    Thanks to everyone for the S/PDIF cable info.
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    Recording with the AX8 (PC)

    I just received my brand new AX8 a few day ago and I'm really happy with it right out of the box. Specificity, what S/PDIF brand cable are you guys using for the AX8 to the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6? Thanks in advance. Dave
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