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Recent content by dabbler

  1. D

    There would be a huge market for someone to make an alternative for the MFC-101

    So LF+ has full Axe synchronization, and tuner display?
  2. D

    Live, rehersal, practice rig

    Which makes sense for the Axe case as well... given that one wants a backup unit for gigs anyway.... If just the Axe would have an easy function to backup the whole device plus MFC to an USB stick and restore from that... so one can quickly take a whole setup dump to the rehearsal and bring any...
  3. D

    i pulled a m@....

    16 loops (I recognize two PatchMate 8s) in a 5U rack?
  4. D

    Show us your MFC setups! (post your pics)

    In military, this would probably pass as camouflage.... "look, where are the switches?" :-)
  5. D

    Connecting the Mission SP-1 LED with MFC-101

    Needs physical modification, voids warranty. See http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/50508-mission-sp1-r-input-fs-mod.html#post791016
  6. D

    Mission SP1 using a "Y"cable?

    See http://forum.fractalaudio.com/mfc-discussion/50508-mission-sp1-r-input-fs-mod.html#post791016
  7. D

    STOMPLABEL Dark Black Style Out now !

    Any chance getting glowing ones in the future? I have some further ideas but am too tired to detail them right now. :-)
  8. D

    Custom pedalboard for MFC and Mission pedals

    Why not just use a feed-through D-shape jack? NE8FDP-B - Neutrik That's what I'm using on my rack's connector panel just fine.
  9. D

    best pedalboard for MFC101 and 2 expression pedals???

    What would be cool to have is such a "dog house" (closed on the sides) with a standard 19" 1U panel mountable on the back side to implement all kind of connectors WITHOUT having to drill holes in custom plate. Also very easy for servicing then.
  10. D

    Which goes where? Your arrangment for a rig ~~~

    No, but reasonably "heavy duty" - and heavy. Overall 30kg. Some PSUs and Radial ProD2 DI Box mounted from the back on a low-depth rack shelf: Shure - URT Rackwanne zur Rackmontage von 2 x PG4E : Zubehör Gäng-Case - 19" Prof. DD schwarz 6HE 9,5mmHolz,45cm : Taschen / Cases / Racks Be aware...
  11. D

    DI to FOH - what are you using?

    I'm using a Radial ProD2 fed by OUT1 unbalanced, as I prefer transformer isolation from FOH, just to protect my equipment. The OUT1 balanced XLRs do feed my wedges.
  12. D

    Preset immediately goes to "edited" state after recall

    FWIW, FW 10 seems to have fixed that problem.
  13. D

    Announcing Fractal-Bot 1.1

    MFC-101 update from 2.15 to 2.16 via USB MIDI adapter fails with Fractal-Bot 1.1 with "Error 6" on the MFC, multiple tries - no joy. Updating with MIDI-OX worked on first attempt. Full disclosure: MFC-101 powered via the CAT5 link from the Axe, not via wall wart PSU (manual "recommends" using...
  14. D

    Question of proper AXE EQ values for amps that don't have them

    IMHO that stuff should really go into the manual...
  15. D

    FW10 - No Sorrow!

    V10 Factory Preset 331 "Mr. Floyd", but the DRIVE1 block's Drive max'ed. What you don't get from the preset is the fully engaged MDX (+25dB mid boost) from the guitar's active electronics. That makes her really sing and tip over into harmonics. The Fender Eric Clapton Active Mid-Boost -...
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